Paris Terror Attack Survivor, Julien Pearce Narrates Face To Face Encounter With ISIS Gunmen

paris terror suspectOne of the suspects

Nov 15, 2015 – Paris Terror Attack Survivor, French Journalist Julien Pearce Narrates Face To Face Encounter With ISIS Jihadists, Attackers

A French survivor of the rampage at Paris’ Bataclan concert hall says he was struck by how young the attackers were.

Julien Pearce, journalist at Europe 1 radio, was at the Bataclan concert hall on Friday to attend the concert by the American rock band Eagles of Death Metal. He said when the three attackers stormed in “it took me few seconds to realize it was gunshots.”

Pearce and his friends immediately got down on the ground to avoid the random shots, then ran and crawled into a tiny dark room next to the stage. He says “there was no exit, so we were just in another trap, less exposed, but still a trap.”

Pearce said could discreetly look out and see one of the assailants. He says “he seemed very young. That’s what struck me, his childish face, very determined, cold, calm, frightening.”

Once the attackers reloaded, his group rang across the stage to the emergency exit, helping a wounded woman out. Looking back, he saw “dozens and dozens of entangled, bullet-riddled bodies in a pool of blood.”

89 people were killed at the hall.

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