Photo: Blind Street Beggars Sacrifice Pregnant Sheep To Fight Against Kaduna State Government

blind street beggar sacrifice el rufai

April 28, 2017 – Confusion As Blind Street Beggars Sacrifice Pregnant Sheep To Fight Against Kaduna State Government

In the wake of the recent clamp down on street begging in Kaduna State, the blind among this category of vulnerable Nigerians have decided to take their case to God through the hosting of a special prayer session against their oppressor.

The prayer attended by hundreds of these disabled persons, including blind women and children, was organized under the auspice of Arewa Freedom of the Blind Association

The session was held at Darika Central Mosque, Ungwan Rimi, Kaduna, where they prayed God to touch the hearts of their oppressors in power and authority. Indeed, the prayer seemed to have been specially arranged as they were spotted slaughtering a “pregnant” sheep before the commencement of the prayers.

beggars sacrificed sheep pray against kaduna government

The group’s spokesman, Mukhtar Saleh, regretted that the people in power were oppressing their members, saying that the state government did not consider their condition before forcefully evacuating them from the streets where they beg for their daily bread.

He lamented that nobody wished to be blind in the first place, insisting that those who were not blind should therefore not maltreat those who were blind: “It was not because they or their relatives had sinned against God that they were made to suffer blindness. Their condition was willed by God Almighty, who created all men both male and female.”

The spokesman also criticized the unfair treatment meted out on their members in Kano State, whereby they were fined and punished for going out to look for their survival. He accused the state government of approving a fine of N30,000 for any physically challenged person found on the streets begging:

“A public spirited individual came out and vowed to pay these fines on their behalf and the government stopped asking for fines and adopted punishment as an alternative.”

He held that in Kaduna State, it was no longer news that their members and other physically challenged persons were being rounded up from the streets and bundled to camps, where they were abandoned in degradable conditions:

“The camp is there for you to confirm at Gazera Village, near Makarfi town in Makarfi Local Government Area. Almighty Allah, only You can fight for those that have no strength of their own. Help us and fight on our behalf.” They all chorused in one of their prayer sessions shortly before they dispersed.

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5 thoughts on “Photo: Blind Street Beggars Sacrifice Pregnant Sheep To Fight Against Kaduna State Government

  1. Wetin the govment is do to pipuls of beggars is evul. Is wuckedity. Even Majek Fashek talk am say beggars is dey for America. Majek Fashek Ina New York dred dred dred natty dred. Beggars on the strits of New York dred dred dred natty dred. So wetin are they say. To beg na sin? Beg is not sin. Na govment weyris sin.

  2. el rufai..always hitting hard on less priviledged una kukuma wait for 2yrs and vote him out

  3. Killing a pregnant sheep is not good. It is Animal cruelty, that won’t solve the problem. The govt should try to help them, how do they want them to feed, the money our politicians are looting & burying all over the place can be used to solve some of these problems.

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