Photo Of The Day: Idol Yam

idol yam

June 24, 2013 – Photo Of The Day: Idol Yam

People nowadays are very careful about the kind of food they eat while some folks care less.

Look at the picture above; would you eat this yam, if it were given to you free of charge?

22 thoughts on “Photo Of The Day: Idol Yam

  1. Never in my life i,can eat this kind of yam i cant even touch it,once i see it i run away from the ghost yam or evil yam,over my died body.

  2. i wil start eatn d leg b4 d hand n d head it jst a yam foot dats all cos greata is he dat is me dan d odinry yam abegy

  3. Dis yam na suspect. Police suppose arrest am. Den govt. go set up commitee 2 determine y dis yam b lyk dis. Afta dat, dem go arrest d farmer & probe his idiocyncracy. Depending on d findings of d committee, dem go arrest d photographer wey snap dis pix com sentence am for 2wks in prison wit hard labour 4 scaring d public.
    D farmer go bribe som members of d committee make dem no send am go prison join. Afta dat, dem go set up a sub-comitee 2 acertain weda those ppl take bribe or not. Dem go evn charge dem go court of competent jurisdiction wey go discharge dem com acquit dem join. Den Save Nigeria Group go begin protest. D masses go join. Riot everywher. Finally, police go take teargas pursue evrbdy,&peace go com bak again.

  4. Hahahahaha!!! na big WAH for dis yam ooo! . But truly nao, someone moulded a yam like dis…dahtz ‘craft’.. d przn shud go into d real craft making, it wud fetch him or her some money, dan making an idol.
    can’t eat it sha……..

  5. if you chop that kind of yam, meaning you don chop orisha… Olorun manje si je oooooooooo

  6. Nnaa nawa this kind of yam need to be taking to church 1st. And conduct serious fasting and pray b4 burnt it. Let nobody eat the yam oh. Bcos it is an abormination

  7. Dis is really scaring. If dis yam is d only food dat remain in dis world, i wud rather die of hunger.

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