Photos: 2 Nigerian Soldiers Killed In Boko Haram Ambush Attack In Borno State On Monday

nigerian soldiers killed boko haram borno state

Feb 27, 2018 – Photos: 2 Nigerian Soldiers Killed In Boko Haram Ambush Attack In Borno State On Monday

At least two gallant soldiers died yesterday while fighting to protect civilians in Borno state.

The Nigerian army suffered a huge defeat yesterday as the insurgents took them unaware on their way to Damboa from Biu.

A military vehicle was also seized in the attack that claimed the lives of two soldiers and left several others seriously injured.

8 soldiers are said to be missing shortly after the attack yesterday.

The injured soldiers are currently being treated in a medical facility in Borno state.


9 thoughts on “Photos: 2 Nigerian Soldiers Killed In Boko Haram Ambush Attack In Borno State On Monday

  1. only a hopeless fool will join Nigeria soldier, thesame leaders that are sponsoring the Islamic terror sec,yet some dullard will volunteer his self to Nigeria force(police,army e.t.c

    • For you to say that rotten words out then you are the most hopeless fool on earth, if not for those that volunteer their lives to protect you where do you think you will in this country u are very stupid if i catch you ehn you will end up inside guard room for the rest of this year idiot

  2. may there gentle soul find peace. father i pray that u continue to protect your children in these trouble regions bless thee families they left behind in Jesus mighty name i pray.Amen

  3. rest in peace brother we love u but God love u most… but this does not stop Me from joining this organization.. join u guys to fight justice Nigerian army

  4. RIP,very sad n painful.pls lets pray for our military espacialy dose @war front,may gud Lord confort d families

  5. ***** you most be a big *****,and for book haram by God grace 77RRI will end u people off and I will be among them by God grace your tym to perish have come mark today date God is more than u

  6. ********for my brothers who lost there lives I don’t no how it feels because have not seen one who can die for his/her country just as you have done but I believe with the power or God you death will never be in vain, your family will move from one joy to another as you have fought for peace the peace will never end in your family your souls will be among those that make heaven. heavily father we thank you for your sons who lost their lives trying to protect the country nigeria please Lord accept their souls show them mercy O Lord let not there death bring shame to Nigeria but happiness that they won the war against all kind of terrorist amen

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