Photos: Baby Boy Bitten Over 12 Times By Another Child At Florida Daycare Center

baby boy beaten 12 times day care florida

Sept 9, 2016 – Pictures: Baby Boy Bitten Over 12 Times By Another Child At Florida Day Care, Worker Arrested

A careless day care worker has been arrested in Florida after a mother discovered that her 18-month-old baby boy was beaten by another child.

The incident happened at J Bright’s learning center in Brandenton Florida after the care worker abandoned the child with other children in a room for over 2 hours.

The suspect identified as Caci Renee Burke is currently facing child neglect charges.

This innocent child has been placed on antibiotics.

[Photo credit: Amanda Beebe]

10 thoughts on “Photos: Baby Boy Bitten Over 12 Times By Another Child At Florida Daycare Center

  1. this is carelessness living kids together for 2hr it’s bad knowing what kids can do expecially when their is no one around.

  2. This is not okay. You the adult was paid to watch over the kids ,not the kids watching themselves. Thank God it wasn’t fatal but I still don’t like it. Am really mad with this adult that failed the kids and their parents.

  3. That little boy went through hell. He was attacked & mauled not once or twice. Imagine the baby’s state of pain.
    And who gave birth to kid that did this ?

  4. Imagine that! Human bites are also poisonous so the carelessness of the child minder is serious. When one pays for a child to be cared for, such occurrences are very up setting.

  5. Those children were suppose to play together and not fight even in the absence of the minder and even if it happens so does that child don’t have sense or teeth to bite back

  6. I think the child that did this is one little imp delivered by one cannibal of mother who was impregnated by a vampire father.

    Still strolling…

  7. The day care worker was negligent. Children should not be left unsupervised for such lengthy period of time. However, they need to observe the other child who bit a fellow playmate so much…. that child could grow up to become a Vampire. Children should be raised with strict instructions not to bite, they are not dogs. Some parents, unfortunately, do not know any better and believe that biting other children is part of normal growing up gimmicks…. it is not and it is wrong. Parents, it is never too early to teach your children good manners and behavior.

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