Photos: Boko Haram Collects Ransom, Frees 21 Chibok Girls, Demands Payment For Others

boko haram collect ransom free 21 chibok girls

Oct 13, 2016 – Pictures: 21 Chibok Girls Released By Boko Haram In Abuja 

  • Nigerian FG Paid Huge Ransom To Boko Haram For Release Of Chibok Girls
  • How An Experienced Female Australian Investigator Prevailed Over Boko Haram To Release The Chibok Girls

21 of the remaining Chibok girls have been released by Boko Haram.

The lucky girls were pictured today full of life as they met with Borno State governor Kashim Shettima in Maiduguri this morning.

The ladies fully dressed in Hijab are currently in Abuja.

An anonymous military source said the girls were released following negotiation and payment of some form of ransom which the Nigerian Federal Government may never disclose to the public.

The source added that the dreaded sect is now demanding for more money to release over 100 remaining Chibok girls, claiming that few of them had died.

According to the source, the initial agreement was that the sect will release all the Chibok girls after ransom payment but the sect broke the agreement at the last minute and cheated on the Federal Government.

Our source said a female Australian negotiator is currently working between the sect and the Federal Government of Nigeria to ensure the safe release of the other girls.

Can you see the joyful expression on their faces… It feels good to be free.

Kudos to that intelligent negotiator.

Hope the Jihadi sect will release the other girls still in captivity soon.

8 thoughts on “Photos: Boko Haram Collects Ransom, Frees 21 Chibok Girls, Demands Payment For Others

  1. @OMO, I FOLLOW you wonder o! When it was announced today on the TV, they tactfully skipped the ramsom part.

  2. the only country that negogiate with terrorist is Nigeria, why would the be giving money while we are battling with recessions? Buhari is a coward. he is a very foolish man if at all this how this Girls were released. people who are already running out cash which means soon they will surrender.

    he is giving terrorist more financial power to buy more ammunition and kill more people. Buhari is senile.

  3. Why are ******* so heartless? If you were the parents of these girls, would you not pay any amount to rescue your child? If Government has paid ransom for their release , is it too much? We need to commend this government for their release and
    pray that remaining ones in captivity be released without further delay. Let us be constructive in our criticism. Well done PMB. God bless Nigeria.

  4. @ Bok
    Your statement only shows you are not a parent yet. And if you are already, it shows you are a selfish one.

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