Photos: Meet Kim Kardashian Look Alike, Jyoti Matharoo

kim kardashian look alike

August 22, 2015 – Pictures: Meet Kim Kardashian Look Alike, Jyoti Matharoo

Meet Jyoti Matharoo, a famous prostitute who have spent her fortune to look like Kim Kardashian.

She was spotted with Nigerian celebrity stylist Jeremiah Ogbodo last night.

What do people enjoy in trying to look like another person???

8 thoughts on “Photos: Meet Kim Kardashian Look Alike, Jyoti Matharoo

  1. People who make efforts to be like other people end up miserable, no matter how you try, you can never be like someone else.Imitating the life style, dressing or looks of another person will only hinder one from achieving his or her true destiny in life. Accepting who you are, is the first step towards working out your destiny in life.

  2. For where? Trying to look like her ni? Kim is bustier, classier and her face is fuller, stop giving undue attention to this sisters. Google them!

  3. Hello EVERYONE,

    I’ve googled this person and her sister Kiran Matharoo and I get their gist. But can anyone please update all of us who are curious about their current situation and status??

    Thank you!!!!

  4. They are selling a fantasy….the Kim Kardashian West fantasy to stupid African men who cannot honor the beauty of gorgeous African women.They want to be anything but black. Their wealth can buy them anything but self love.

  5. These girls are ugly..filtering apps.clown juice makeup
    Theatrical garments square out bloated gastrical xcess.these cartoon clown juice are 5″2-5″4 think people ..little fat child you see in park
    With clown makeup equal..kardasvagabond.twoclown sister pudgy turmeric smelling sweats glands.. worship garbage false sensory penienvy..No word. CROss Fit ladies are not not.. not these over ripe mangoose dropping .gurt swollen belching serpent of society..relesse the bounds.houbds bounds hounds

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