Photos: Meriam Ibrahim & Daniel Wani Meet Pope Francis In Vatican Rome


meriam ibrahim pope francis

July 24, 2014 – Pictures: Pope Francis Prays For Meriam Ibrahim In Vatican City, Rome, Italy

Sudanese Woman Meriam Ibrahim & Daniel Wani Meet Pope Francis In Vatican Rome

The Christian woman who was spared from death by an appeal court in Sudan recently has arrived Italy in the company of her American husband Daniel Wani and her two kids.

Meriam Ibrahim and her family today met with Roman Catholic Pope Francis I during a courtesy visit to Vatican city in Rome.

The couple plan to cool off in Italy before embarking on their final journey to the United States of America.

See photos of their meeting with the Pope and arrival in Italy below:

meriam ibrahim italyThis little boy in yellow has went through a lot with his mother. He was kept in jail with his mother since September before their release few weeks ago.

Daniel Wani, husband of Meriam, is helped into the airport after arriving in Italy
Meriam Ibrahim coming down from the plane in Italy
pope francis pray for meriam ibrahimPope Francis blessed Meriam for her perseverance
Pope Francis encouraging the family

It has been a long journey for this family.

Wishing them a peaceful journey to New York.