Photos: Romanian Girl Alexandra Kefren Sells Virginity To Hong Kong Millionaire For £ 2.3Million

romania girl sells virginity to millionaire

March 31, 2017 – Romanian Teenager Alexandra Khefren Sells Her Virginity To Hong Kong Millionaire For 2.3Million British Pound To Buy Parents A New House

A desperate lady from Romania who came from a poor family has offered to sell her virginity to a millionaire.

18-year-old Alexandra Kefren first appeared on This Morning show last year November where she made the controversial decision to lose her “pride” for money.

Alexandra Kefren

Yesterday an unnamed millionaire from Hong Kong paid a whopping €2.3 million to a German-based Escorts agency who specialises in selling girls’ virginity through online auction.

Alexandra said she got the idea from a film titled Indecent Proposal about 3 years ago.

She plans to use the money to buy a new house for her poor parents back in Romania.