Photos: Paris Terror Attack Suspect Karim Cheurfi Shot Dead By Police As ISIS Claims Responsibility

paris france terror attack today

April 20, 2017 – Terrorist Attack Policemen In Paris France Tonight, Kills 1, Injures 2

Paris Terror Attack Suspect Karim Cheurfi Shot Dead By Police As ISIS Claims Responsibility

The ISIS has claimed responsibility for a lone terror attack carried out by a suspected terrorist tonight in Paris France.

The attacker armed with automatic weapon opened fire on police on Paris Iconic Champs Elysees, killing one officer and seriously wounding two others before he was gunned down.

The dreaded Jihadi sect identified the terrorist as 39-year-old Karim Cheurfi aka Abu Yusuf Al Beljiki.

Karim Cheurfi

He was said to have deliberately targeted policemen on duty near the Franklin Roosevelt Subway station.

Karim Cheurfi reportedly shot police back in 2001 and was sentenced to 20 years in prison but was released early.

6 thoughts on “Photos: Paris Terror Attack Suspect Karim Cheurfi Shot Dead By Police As ISIS Claims Responsibility

  1. Those people can’t do without drinking blood but let’s give kudos to the good ones among them

  2. Is time Marien Le Pen, win and send all this sons of muslims immigrant out of paris or put them in prison,in Guyana for life, they will look for their forefather home land them self. and close borders no visa for anything muslims,since is now blowing or killing innocent people in name of God and Religion. only thing i like about Trump,is banned of muslims comeing into USA,cos they cant live peaceful with other religion, calling other unbelivers,my way or high way brain.and Le Pen will take France out of EURO Zone, that is end of open Borders,no more killers comeing in free to kill people,and europeans stay out of those country,let them kill theirself,none of your business, and done save them on sea, if you do, send them back immeadtely. cos if you dont aspect them to stay, they feel mad immedately and go to blow people happen in germany and sweaden, those 2 men kill just because they are not allowed to stay no document to live, then they blow innocent up.those that they give stay also , want to force people to be their own way of islam, so best way dont allowed them into your peaceful country, their kind of muslims we yoruba dont do that,after all in every familie we have 3 religion, christianity, islam and traditional belives,hwo on earth i kill my brother or sister , simple he or she dont have same belive like hell with this people with animal brain, that love blood every day.see what they take peaceful beautiful maidiguri to be omg.those boko harams,if you know Brono state and all part of North- east, you will cry, if you see those place now,just name of religion.

  3. they are the real asylum seeker while people from Africa are called economy migrant, protecting people that has another agenda. God is good, I believe they are the people that need chartered flight back to there country, but some people prefer to protect there money than life’s. I watch a video where a woman was been stone by some Muslim men in Asian then they ask a boy of 7yrs to also stone the women for there God and he did, what are they teaching him, how to kill.

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