Lil Wayne Has Epilepsy, Suffers Another Seizure Attack

lil wayne epileptic seizures

May 1st, 2013 – Rapper Lil Wayne Epileptic, Suffers Another Seizure Attack

Rapper Lil Wayne has suffered yet another seizure just weeks after he suffered a major seizure attack that landed him in the hospital where he stayed for days.

Yesterday night, the rapper allegedly suffered another seizure attack and was immediately rushed to Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles California.

Lil Wayne revealed in an interview that his epilepsy battle has been the major cause of his frequent seizure attacks.

He has been discharged after treatment and close doctors examination.

Too much igbo na wahala o.

27 thoughts on “Lil Wayne Has Epilepsy, Suffers Another Seizure Attack

  1. Lil wayne too much igbo is not good to ur health. Pls try to minimize the level you ar smorking.

    • what is your f**king business about his life, cant you go and think about your life and f**k yourself because you can never be that good. My WAYNE shall live long long long long……..4ever.

  2. my advice to the guy he should stop smoking kanja and kokane, give his life to Christ then he will be free from all that seizure.

  3. Its not every case dat hospital can handle mana. u pple should help him seek de face of GOD for him by going to any true living church u know. or u pple to die

  4. sorry wayne…always take ur drugs…excuse me pls…ppl talking abt igbo,does igbo cause epilepsy?…be sure before u say wat u wanna say…

  5. Lil, forsake illuminati now that u still have time and embrace Christ. What will it profit you to gain the whole world and lose ur soul.

  6. Oboy dat guy go die on top chick oo, d guy just de hustle fuck na so d chck c am 4 ground shey hm thnk say illuminati na gud thng haha na hm body go tell am lol

  7. hey wezzy , u’ve gat 2 minimize hemp intake & also gt doz creazy tattoo of ya body if u wana live again

  8. Lil wayne, do you prefer to enjoy on earth and suffer for internity? If not give your life to christ bicus he alone can deliver you from your problems else you die like michael jackson

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