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Richard Mofe Damijo, RMD Debunks “Second Wife Acquisition” Rumour

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Richard Mofe Damijo, RMD Debunks “Second Wife Acquisition” Rumour

richard mofe damijo and children Richard mofe damijo and children

March 17, 2012 – Richard Mofe Damijo, RMD Debunks “Second Wife Acquisition” Rumour

Hey guys, don’t mind our headline (Wife acquisition, na lie)

Popular Nigerian Actor turned commissioner, Richard Mofe-Damijo aka RMD has come out to debunk the rumours he took a second wife which was initially published in a soft-sell magazine recently.

Here is a funny scenario created to narrate the story.

Mrs. Mofe-Damijo: Honey, see what this magazine wrote about you taking a second wife.

RMD: Don’t mind them; it’s one of those rubbish they put out to sell their papers.

Mrs Mofe-Damijo: Are you sure?

RMD: What do you mean by am I sure? Look Jumobi, don’t annoy me o.

Mrs. Mofe-Damijo: What do you mean by don’t annoy you? Is that a way to handle issues like this?

RMD: You this woman, watch your tongue this evening, I am warning you.

Mrs. Mofe-Damijo: What are you going to do? Beat me?

Act:1, Scene 2 ****Shouting match ***** the kids come in

The Little Damijo’s: What’s going on here, you two?

Mrs. Mofe-Damijo: It’s your father o, see this magazine says he has taken a 2nd wife

The Little Damijo’s: Daddy, is it true?

RMD: What??? So nobody in this household can vouch for my integrity?

The Little Damijo’s: Daddy please don’t do this to us. If it is not true say something or you can even start your own magazine to deny stories like this.

RMD: there is no need starting a new magazine to deny every story, I will tweet about it in the morning and that will be enough.

The Little Damijo’s: thanks dad.

RMD: you’re welcome…is that all? No hugs and kisses?

Mrs. Mofe-Damijo: Honey, no kiss for me?

RMD: in your dreams.

Act:2, Scene 1 ****RMD Opens computer, and Log into Twitter account****

RMD Tweets : “Just heard a mushroom magazine published a story that I took a 2nd wife. It’s a sick malicious lie. Their intentions are to cause a crack in my marriage or make me and my family unhappy. The person will have unhappiness, pains and heartbreak. For the reporter an d their informant, watch and wait for your own as you get it back in good measure, pressed down, shaken together and running over.”

We hope this our “wife acquisition” headline will make history soon!

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