Same Sex Marriage Will Pollute The Nigerian Society


Nov 14, 2011 – Same Sex Marriage Will Pollute The Nigerian Society

A permanent secretary in the Kaduna said legalising the act would pollute the Nigerian society

According to the daily news, The Kaduna State government, on Sunday, lamented the ongoing debate and bills on legalising same-sex marriage and prostitution, describing them as “disheartening”.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Women affairs and Youth Development, Hajiya Hawa Umar said the ongoing deliberations on the bills defied common sense, religion and true human values.

According to Umar, the passage of the bills would be to the detriment of the future of Nigerian children, constitute as act of disrespect to God and would pollute the society.

She urged the lawmakers to shun the bills and provide youths with meaningful jobs that would give them a future.

“No mother can be proud of her children in the prostitution business and no couple of same sex marriage can be proud of themselves.”

According to Umar, Nigeria was not America where they legalised same sex marriage and “we should emulate their positive impact not the destructive acts as  such”.

She urged that the two bills be discouraged for health consequences as well as legal and cultural reasons.