Saraki’s Corruption Trial: Is CCT Chairman Abusing His Office? – APC Chieftain Kayode Maja Asks

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April 30, 2016 – Saraki’s Corruption Trial: Is CCT Chairman Abusing His Office? – APC Chieftain Kayode Maja Asks

Saraki’s trial: Reactions Of Questionable Intrigues. – Alhaji Suleiman Kayode MAJA 

Just about two weeks ago I read two different statements by the National chairman of the APC which bordered on the trial of the Senate President and his seat as the chairman of NASS. The Chairman of a ruling party is not just someone who should talk without adequate clarity, purpose and choice of words but must be someone who puts to perspective the present, past and future without seemingly doing the biding of any power above.

Let me take chief Oyegun down memory lane if it’s blurry to him, has he forgotten the sweet words of appreciation he showered on this same Saraki during the occasion of the Birthday celebration of Her Excellency, Mrs Toyin Saraki just after the entrance of Saraki and his G5 Team into the APC? The Chairman in his words eulogised Saraki like a god thanking him for taking the step to leap into APC and as if this wasn’t enough, chief Oyegun became a story teller narrating all the good things Saraki has done for him from the lift he gave him on his jet to personal gifts and all, am not blaming the position of chief Oyegun for quickly forgetting the magnificence of Saraki as a party member but my question is, on whose authority did he gave that interview? A party is not a party without the people in it, the same position of ‘I can do and undo’ was what lead to the disgraceful exit of Bamangar Tukur of PDP, APC is a conglomerate of many parts and the chairman’s position is only but a product of his imagination and I want to believe that the Chairman didn’t mean those statements.

Nigeria is having a big problem at hand and the people at the top are yet to wake up to realities of what is really happening, the chairman is not worried that with the present state of things he is being reduced as a national chairman of a large party going by the elections APC has lost since December and won’t by a national chairman of a ruling party by 2019 if something serious is not done.

There are times to play politics and there are times to govern, if the Chairman wants attention, why can’t he criticise the president as I believe that will border on more lives than the case of the Senate President.

Is anybody in contention of what the exit of Saraki will do to the party? It’s a signal that APC is a party where dream dies, it’s a party controlled by power mongers, it’s a party where member are sacrificed for the interest of some very few.

If the APC national chairman is dying to talk, at least he could and should have chosen to talk on issues Nigerians are greatly being affected by such has the sky rocketing of prices of commodity, fuel scarcity, joblessness and what have you! We won’t always agree on things happening in the party is some quarters but as a party man, we have the duty to carry ourselves along and protect our interest and we must always guide the future.

Leaving the party chairman alone, I would wish to step on some nails bordering around the on going trial of the Senate President at the CCT, we from Kwara are known to be law abiding and peace loving people and one very phenomenal attributes that we love displaying is our love, support and solidarity for the Saraki family which date back to many decades, the easiest way to offend us is to malign the Saraki dynasty and this on going trial is evident enough to be a sort of score settling and political tussle from some quarters going by the shoddy and lackadaisical way the Chairman of CCT has been behaving, it is eminent and crystal clear that the chairman is under a bond which is life dependent on him and the ‘most nail’ way the government lawyer has been carrying himself around, jumping from additional ount charges and amendments so far.

Sanity requires us to ask why the vigorous amendments if indeed they have a tenable case against Saraki? Another angle of though which we should look at is the fact that who is clean in Nigeria and why convict someone based on un provable allegations and statements of some souls on leash? Nigeria won’t get better by the over bearing of politics in where governance should take the centre stage, Nigeria won’t grow by politically killing our best hands solely for political score counts, Nigeria won’t heal by not making good use of those who fought for this present administration after all, everyone has a past an no one is ‘Mr Clean’?

[Opinion article by Alhaji Sulyman Kayode MAJA ( a chieftain of the APC)]

8 thoughts on “Saraki’s Corruption Trial: Is CCT Chairman Abusing His Office? – APC Chieftain Kayode Maja Asks

  1. Alhaji Sulyman Kayode MAJA,I’m “flabber-more –than –gasted”,in other words flabbergasted!in your write-up and outrageous claims.
    You stated and I quote ; “We from Kwara are known to be law abiding and peace loving people and one very phenomenal attributes that we love displaying is our love, support and solidarity for the Saraki family which date back to many decades”.
    My simple question to you is this; who gave you the right and the audacity to speak on behalf of the people of Kwara state?
    You should really be ashamed of yourself that you are supporting a corrupt man like Olubukola Saraki(the looters president) and thus ;also trying to “suppress “the voice of the voiceless people of Kwara state by pretending to be representing them and their interest. Albeit the fact I’m NOT from Kwara state but a Nigerian, who feels compelled to defend the voiceless people of Nigeria regardless of which state they come from.

    Another question for you (Alhaji Sulyman Kayode)chump!
    Is it true that Saraki claimed and got paid salary for 3 more years as Kwara state governor ;long after he left office as Kwara state governor?
    …Well let me help you with this simple question, the answer is Yes!is that persecution too or an act of stealing by Bukola Saraki?
    Alhaji Sulyman Kayode,I detest dishonest,corrupt people like you and you really ought to ashamed of yourself for trying to defend Olubukola Saraki(The Looters President).

  2. I think Alhaji Sulyman Kayode and indeed the good people of Kwara should know its time they stop following Saraki and his family like like Sheep. The senior Saraki used the whole of Kwara resources and people just like his private property and bequested the people of Kwara to his children just like his private property, yet people like Sulyman can still come out to talk rubbish in spite of the reflation coming out.WHAT A SHAME.

  3. I want to believe Alh Sulyman is benefiting from Sen Saraki’s loot. If not, he wouldn’t have come out to disgrace himself this way. You just go to Kwara in broad daylight and say all this rubbish said in this articles of yours, if you are able to come back to your house unhurt , I will now agree with you that you are representing Kwarans. When a disobedient and arrogant child suffers for his/her inordinate affection and ambition and you are now blaming his father for showing uncare attitude, Alh Sulyman pls think right!!!

  4. Blah blah blah blah! So bcos you are from Kwara and he is frm Kwara and you people are known for being peaceful, he should not face trial of allegation brought against him. Then you expect Nigeria to move forward…fools

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