Scruffy Weds Snickers: Bizarre Dog Wedding Ceremony


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April 24, 2012 – Scruffy Weds Snickers: Bizarre Dog Wedding Ceremony

Wonders they say shall never end in this world ooooo.

That’s case when two pet lovers lavish over $5000 on their pet dogs (Scruffy Rubin and Snickers Carter) during a pet wedding ceremony that took place at Palm Desert Resort Country Club. Well over 100 of their individual family members attended the glamourous dog wedding event.

Dog Wedding Invitation Card

pet bride

It cost the “mother” of the bride Ernie Rubin and the groom’s “mother” over $5000- the wedding was complete with a wedding cake, open bar, reception and “priest” performing the vows. In addition, they had a ring bearer, flower boy, groomsman and usher/security.

I love animals but a $5000 wedding for pets…really? All donations were made to benefit the Orphan Pet Oasis Humane Society of the Desert in North Palm Springs. The two dogs are so in love that they decided to forgo a pup-prenup.

Dog Wedding Cake

dog wedding cake

Dog Wedding Reception Hall

dog wedding reception hall

The beautiful dog bride

dog wedding

Dog Bride and Groom

dog wedding ceremony

These Oyinbo people get plenty time.