Shameful: Ghana To Deport Nigerian Beggars


ghana to deport nigerian beggarsNigerian beggars

Jan 8, 2012 – Shameful: Ghana To Deport Nigerian Beggars

Don’t you, like us, sometimes wonder when this disgrace will stop? Not only are Nigerians being banged up in jails around the world, they’re also being  beaten and shot to death like animals without a shepherd – and our government maintains blindness to all this.

Now Nigerians are being deported from Ghana! What a shame! Can it get any lower?

A Circuit Court in Ghana has ordered the deportation of five Nigerian beggars.

The beggars, who are said to be blind, were arrested by the Ghana Immigration Service at the Sogakope checkpoint last Monday.

The five beggars were said to be accompanied by their seven dependents, all males, aged between 15 and 20 years.

A Ghanaian police detective told the court that the twelve, from Kano in Nigeria, said they were in Ghana to escape difficult economic conditions back home in Nigeria.

He said the twelve, who said they were to be hosted by the visually impaired Moslem chief in Accra have no vaccination certificates and showed no means of financial support and would be a burden on the Ghanaian public.(Nollywood Gossip)

It use to be Ghana must go now, it’s Naija must go (Na wa o)