Singer Seal Spotted With New Girlfriend,Delta Goodrem

singer seal and delta goodrem 

July 7, 2012 – Singer Seal Spotted With New Girlfriend,Delta Goodrem

Just few months after splitting from Heidi Klum, his wife of 7 years, Singer Seal has been spotted with his new girlfriend, Delta Goodrem an Australian singer.

The two lover birds were spotted together in Australia few weeks back.
singer seal new girlfriend

Delta Goodrem, 27 is a successful Aussie singer.

delta goodrem and seal

5 thoughts on “Singer Seal Spotted With New Girlfriend,Delta Goodrem

  1. My own question is that what would happen had this Seal of a guy was as handsome as angel. He has a very good record of dating most beautiful models around the world. Not funny to me. But Im happy, at least hes a descendant of this country – Nigeria

    • descendant my foot,like he gives a rats tail abt dis country,left to me I tink he is rascist,and he’l keep getting his @ broken,till he dates a proper blak lady,a real woman…y do all succesful black men date whites?inferiority complex?tiger woods,thiery henry,michael jackson,..africans shld chk der heads

  2. I want to tell seal…God loves you, begin your first works, return to your creator…seek first the kingdom of God and all things will be added to you. I can tell you are hurt I have been there. I’m 52 years old, I divorced in 2008. It was returning to God that helped me be happy again. Thats the only true love that will last. Seal you can take none of this with you only what you do for God will last. Be concern for your soul, god gave you the gift of song use it to his glory…Amen..:) you are in my prayers…Betty

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