Sisters, Stop Playing Games With Your Destiny, Sex Before Marriage Is A Sin


sex before marriage sin

Sunday January 27, 2018 – Sisters, Stop Playing Games With Your Destiny, Sex Before Marriage Is A Sin

Madam Temilolu,

In this 21st century, I see in you an unusual mother of all when all mothers fail in their parental responsibilities to their children! Go on with the work of the kingdom, an icon of holiness. Your reward is in heaven. God bless you!

Evang. Elijah (Kaduna)

Dear Aunty Temilolu,

I have a boyfriend who I’ve had sex with a lot of times but ever since I began reading your column, I’ve made up my mind by God’s grace to stay away from pre-marital sex no matter what it will cost me. But I have a challenge, my boyfriend will be going for service this month and that means I won’t see him for a year. He will want me to visit him and if I do so, he might force me to have sex with him. How do I save this situation ma and if I decide not to see him for a whole year, won’t it affect my relationship?

Dear J.

To start with I thank the Holy Spirit for breathing upon your life through this column and I pray God mercifully beams His light on you further till you are completely lost in HIM! Now, my dear, what’s your business with the devil? Yes! I mean that stupid, bad, devil who has nothing to offer you but trouble, whom God has given you dominion over to trample and have permanently under your feet! I must confess it’s so disappointing for you to even think of how your boyfriend feels or what would happen to your relationship if you refuse to sleep with him, if you continue to preserve your beautiful life and your glorious future, if you continue to move closer to your glorification! ‘! And I challenge that spirit which wants you and everyone reading to backslide with the fire of God, I command it to burn to ashes in Jesus name!

It really amazes me how a lot of people would rather place over God an ordinary human being whose existence in one’s life could make one wish one was never born! Is there anyone worth it? Is it possible for anyone to walk the path of righteousness and not be rewarded? You should be more concerned about what God thinks about you and not what any boyfriend or anyone for that matter thinks. What makes you think you even have a future with this boy and how are you so sure you’re the only one he’s been sleeping with? Or he told you he’s not touched any girl since you stopped sleeping with each other? Hmmm….girls…girls…girls, may sense fall on you! If I were you, I’d forget him! Yes! It may be hard because you love him but you have to make a choice between him and God. He’s been your partner in sin! If you’re destined to be man and wife, both of you would have to re-align with God’s divine agenda and he’ll eventually come back to you even if he’s on his way to the end of the world!

Fornication is certainly not part of God’s divine agenda and so you would both have to be cleansed by God and passed through some fire of purification if God made you for each other! For now, please let him be the least of your problems! You’re still young though this should also be a period when you should be bombarded by suitors. If you’re done with your tertiary education and you’re already thinking of settling down, I’d rather you take a closer walk with God, launch into the supernatural and get rid of the negative power of your ancestry/foundation over your life so you won’t be yoked to the wrong person in marriage! This is so important and you have the power to fight now provided you allow the power of God to saturate your life through chastity and holiness! By the time you arrive, I mean by the time God is done with you-you will be perplexed by the type of suitors that’ll bombard your life! I pray you do just as God inspired me to advise! I love you my sweeties!

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