Sultan Of Sokoto Says Gender Equality Not Acceptable In Islam, Rejects New Bill


sultan of sokoto gender equality

December 27, 2016 – Sultan Of Sokoto Says Gender Equality Is Unacceptable In Islam, Rejects Bill Seeking Equal Inheritance For Men & Women In Nigeria

  • Allow Us To Perform Our Religion, Islam Is Totally Against Gender Equality – Sultan Of Sokoto
  • We Have Been Living Peacefully With Christians, Please Allow Us To Follow What Allah Says – Sultan

The peace-loving Sultan of Sokoto, Alhaji Saadu Abubakar III today moved against a bill seeking to ensure men and women have equal right to their parents inheritance.

The Islamic cleric who claimed that the proposed bill was against Islam vowed to pressure the senate to reject it.

This is what the Sultan told NAN today:

islam is against gender equality

Isn’t it unfair for a man to get more from his parents inheritance than a woman?

How is he different from a woman. Did God create a woman to be inferior?