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Yahaya Bello As Kogi State Governorship Candidate: Northern Youths Warn Kogi Youths To Allow Peace

yahaya bello

Nov 29, 2015 – Yahaya Bello Aka Fair Plus As Kogi State Governorship Candidate: Northern Youths Warn Kogi Youths To Allow Peace To Reign

The Northern Youths Intellectual-Advocacy Forum (NYIF) wish to appeal to the people of Kogi State especially the youths to maintain calm and exhibit high level of moral decency at this trying period of our political history. There is no doubt Kogi people made a wonderful choice for voting for APC but God also made his ultimate choice which is always superior to mankind.

The great man of Kogi politics is gone but his legacy shall remain a point of discuss and reference to leadership development in Africa yet Kogi State must open another chapter of its democratic life and this explains the decision of the All Progressive Congress (APC) to choose Alh. Yahaha Bello a.k.a Fair Plus to fill in the vaccum created by the demise of Prince Abubakar Audu. However, this decision remains a bitter pile to be swallowed by the East Senatorial District the Igalas who are the majority in the State and more so that they are used to the position of Number One seat since inception of the State.

Yes! Late Prince Abubakar Audu laid down his life for the enthronement of democracy in the State and this is not to mention his unimaginable developmental legacy, but in life there comes an end to everything on the surface of the earth, he had done his best and remained resolute to the cause of humanity devoid of violence. Whilst, those demonstrating against the choice of Alh. Yahaya Bello should remember that their blood or the blood of any is not what the late Adoja even while in his grave solicit for rather a prayer for peace and unity in the State.

Leadership is about good governance and not necessarily all about where he or she comes from but ability to carry everyone along and we can not because of preference of candidate or sentiment incur the wrath of law. Whatever it takes there are still peaceful ways around it and not through violence. The barricade along Lokoja/Abuja expressway in the name of protest for what the youths considered an imposition of candidate on them is unfortunate because we can not build a strong democracy under illegality as evident in the past.

Kogi State is gone through a lot in recent times and all she need now is support and prayer from well-meaning Nigerians. On the part of the youths, all is not lost as proper guidance to the new administration would go along way in harnessing the potentiality and mineral resources in the State. We are all in this struggle and sacrifice to see Nigeria of our dream devoid of violence, extreme poverty, starvation, bad road, unemployment, bad governance, anarchy to mention the least of these vices. May be a trial of Alh. Yahaya Bello who knows could lead us to the promise land.

To this end, we urge the youths of the State to be law-abiding and that peaceful protect is one the ingredient of democracy but proper channelling in the realisation of one’s grievance is key to peace and prosperity in the society.

Long live the Federal Republic of Nigeria!
Long live the good people of Kogi State!
Long live the Northern Youths Intellectual-Advocacy Forum (NYIF)


The Vice President NYIF (08034333466)

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  1. Austine J.

    November 29, 2015 at 1:58 AM

    Let d wil of God b done

  2. Omokehinde

    November 29, 2015 at 9:32 PM

    The so called NYIF should get out of Kogi political process and allow Kogi residents and the youths to choose who will better represents their collective interests. This group or forum is gradually become a political liability instead of asset to democratic process in Kogi state. The Kogi youths and electorate have the constitutional right to reject any unlawful and undemocratic attempt to impose any criminal candidate on them by any group or forum in a non-violence manner. It is insane for any Northern or racist group to issue a warning to all the lawful residents and youths of any state in a state issues. Prince Audu Abubakar running mate should be the next APC governorship candidate or the party can conduct a fresh APC primary election to pick the new APC candidate through democratic process. The governor seat in Lokoja doesn’t belong solely to Prince Audu Abubakar nor the Igala people, but it belong to the people mainly all residents of Kogi state. All divisive or racist groups anywhere in Nigeria should allow great people and residents of Kogi state to handle their business. Enough of all this unregistered and unrecognized group or forum interfering in the state issues.

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