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Yahoo Boy Turned Pastor Murdered In Umuahia Abia State For Snatching Church Member’s Girlfriend

yahoo boy turned pastor assassinated abia state

Yahoo Boy Turned Pastor Murdered In Umuahia Abia State For Snatching Church Member’s Girlfriend

An alleged yahoo boy and church founder in Abia state was last week murdered for allegedly snatching the girlfriend of a church member.

According to insiders, some suspected hired killers invaded the home of Pastor Blessed Kelechi, the founder of the winds of Glory church located at Ohokobe village in Umuahia N. LGA of Abia state where 3 people including Pastor Kelechi’s  girlfriend and his Assistant Pastor were shot at close range.

The decomposing bodies of the deceased have been evacuated.

The tragic incident happened at Umuobia Housing Estate.

fake pastor assassinated abia state

It was learnt that a member of his church left after he allegedly snatched his girlfriend.

Although this is still not confirmed by police, fillers alleged that the man who has been tracking his movement allegedly sent assassins to him last week.

1 Comment

1 Comment

  1. Jilo

    October 23, 2018 at 12:53 PM

    Talk is so cheap! but wait a minute, why is it that every Tom, Dick and Harry are trying to establish churches in Nigeria? I’m not against worshipping God but must everybody owns a church in Nigeria? This guy probably dropped yahoo business and convert that to Church because he knew people will be dropping their last kobo in quest to seek fake miracles. If people trying to question him then, he already have a Biblical verses to support that. He may tell them that Paul was once a killer and God changed him to be devoted Christian. Let me tell you this, everybody case’s is not going to be the same. The fact that the incidence happened then does not mean you are in the same shoe with Paul. God looks at our intent to judge us. When a deceiver wants to steal from people, he/she will go for Bible quote to justify his/her action.

    Some people are not matured spiritually within themselves, they want to establish a Church. If you a well discipline spiritually you wont have any desire for another man’s wife. Some will even go to the extent of lying that God reveals to them to proceed on evangelism whereas that is a lie. When you build your foundation on lies, it will never last. Who told you if I gather my family in one room and offer morning prayer God is not going to answer our prayer. Do we necessarily have to visit Churches? There are lot of Church goers who have more sinister mind than who never attended Church.

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