APC Party Lawyers To Atiku: Take Buhari To Court If You Think The Election Was Rigged

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APC Party Lawyers To Atiku: Take Buhari To Court If You Think The Election Was Rigged

The APC Presidential Campaign Council legal team has told the Presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Atiku Abubakar it was fully prepared to defend the President’s victory in court.

Rising from an emergency meeting in Abuja, the legal team asked the former Vice President and all those who are not at peace with outcome of the Presidential election to seek redress in court as that was the only constitutional thing to do.

In a communiqué by the Deputy Director, Legal, of the Council, Prof Mamman Lawan Yusufari, the APC legal team condemned the acts of violence that occurred in some parts of the country during the elections.

It congratulated President Muhammadu Buhari for winning the 2019 presidential election and thanked Nigerians for their overwhelming support.

It commended the presidential candidates, political parties and their support groups for their general respect for the law in the campaign activities,

The team also commended INEC for conducting the presidential and National Assembly elections in substantial compliance with the law and condemn the few cases of violence in some parts of the country and calls on the appropriate authorities to deal with the perpetrators in accordance with the law,

“We calls on interested parties who are not satisfied with the results of the elections to challenge same by following due process of the law and affirms its readiness to defend the resounding victory of President Muhammadu Buhari with all the legal expertise at its disposal,” it stated.


9 thoughts on “APC Party Lawyers To Atiku: Take Buhari To Court If You Think The Election Was Rigged

  1. una well done..which court will entertain their case?when chief justice onneghen was removed at ungodly hour as elections draw closer.A stooge and a sharia judge was appointed to take over .And u assure the aggreived parties of fair hearing..bed time story

  2. Which court? election that was rigged before the election date, the case will last for more than 20yrs while the tenure for presidency is only 4yrs, all these criminals knows what they are doing, from both party.

    All the noise from both party will go down in next few weeks, because they have realized that the masses are enjoying the suffering as incapacitated with hunger and hardship. All of them will be dinning together and laughing at the masses while coming out to make useless noise.

    Until the masses rise up and revolt, nothing will change.

  3. sorry Atiku……seems true true ure not destined to rule Nigeria……meanwhile forget the court matter ….unless u still have some coins to waste again….where were u wen obj dey tumble election for eight years …..no be two of una dey there dey decide the fate of power…..better accept the faith and face another life with ur robust business….its not every victory you found in winning election!!!…be the good man Nigeria sees u as koi!!.

  4. naija we dont have court of rule like, SA, they out stand president Zuma , not in naija, president step down , himself, if tried to rule.

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