Bikini Model Maryam Basir Insists She Is A Faithful Muslim

maryam basir muslimmaryam basir faithful muslim

April 8, 2013 – Bikini Model Maryam Basir Insists She Is A Faithful Muslim

Due to the nature of her job, a controversial bikini model identified as Maryam Basir has responded to critics of her career choice.

Maryam Basir who works as a full body bikini model boldly declared that she is a faithful muslim woman despite her career choice during a TV interview that aired on CNN on April 4th, 2013.

Guess she is a faithful Muslim by heart.

22 thoughts on “Bikini Model Maryam Basir Insists She Is A Faithful Muslim

  1. she is right,religion is in ur heart,their her many married muslim women cover theirself, but easy to sex outside marriage than any other women,very cheap to sex belive u me. some muslims to after praying they kill innocent children,women, old and even other men, come out saying am a very good muslim , only Gold know who worship him in good way,am with u maryam Basir that is ur chance of becoming first black muslim women to wine have long time job of being a millionaire if u keep the money well ur generation will never surfar,after marry then quit from the job.

    • Mulikat,u need to be made to know some things…..07069420738 or 26EE6897(bbm pin)…pls,make contact

  2. Shez deceivin herself! She shldnt cal herself a muslim, a muslim woman wil neva expose any part of her body nt 2 talk of nw being a bikini model! Shez nt a muslim, a muslim wil neva do dat kind of job, even if her heart is pure, its shows she doesnt av any knwledge abt d religion

    • gosh u are 100% right thats very true a muslim shouldnt behave like dis exposing whole of your body worst of it being a bikini model and u still cal urself a faithfull muslim…..change ur ways maryam n du wad is ask of u to du as a muslim respect urself and your religion

  3. sister Maryam, I don mean to be jugdemental, but if you’re a true Muslima as you claim, which teachings, traditions or culture are you following? Which Scrptures guides you? As it is said, ‘Faith without actions is as good a dead’. Which Muslima role model are you imitating? Islam does not preach water and yet let its followers take wine! Can you appaer as such in the presence of your parents, siblings, elders and people you truly respect? How many respected Africans would allow their wives or sisters appear in public as such? Apart from being un-Islamic, it is also un-African.
    Could you women stop aping western culuture and be proud to embrace what is truly ours.

  4. Though I am a Christian but the truth is that Marriam is a disgrace to muslim women, because the muslim ladies that I know will never expose their bodies for any reason, infact some of them turn dawn some jobs that will be against their faith.

  5. Hmmmm! Wonder they say shall never ends. Well you are a muslim. I can talk to much. My bible tells me that your body is the temple of God. Are you laying blames on God? God made cloth for us after which,we no that we are naked. What is faithful muslim you are? Thank God you are a muslim. I wont take to much. All i will say is that you need Jesus.

  6. my dear sister maryam, pls im very sory to said this, what u re doing is un-islamic do not people to deccieve u for d sake of worldly game expecially MULIKAT who claim to be a muslem and did not know her scripture,yes you will make money and ur generation will not surfer according to her.the qoastion is do u prefer this world or the here after? You can make ur choice.

  7. I think she as gone crazy bcuz if she is truly a muslim even if she is not wearing hijab she wouldn’t go to that extent of exposing herself

  8. We’ll,my dear sis. Mariam,no matter wot dcase may be a responsible muslim will never xpose herself 2dat xtent ure naked already,so tell me millions of men av seen a gift Allah av given u,u din respect ds gift yet u claim 2be a muslim.ure a muslim by mouth not by action,islam only allow u 2xpose ur self lik ds infront of ur husband only nt even a fiance or boyfriend,islam is a religion of respect oooo,so pls change 4beta nd repent cos life is vanity

  9. Thnk God u ar a muslim.Ur boko aram brothers & sisters clam to be good muslim also. U people need Jesus in ur lives d only way that leads to heaven .

  10. @oguns, we r nt boko haram, we r muslims okay? I tink u need 2 say dat 2 ur stinky ladies nd women who dress half naked 2 church…. We r nt jst tryin 2 be good, bt tryin 2 speak d truth, bt if u can also preach 2 ur women who walk naked 2 church every sunday lukin very terrible nd tinkin dey r sexy,d world would av been a better place….

  11. i prefer this bikini muslim than boko haram muslim.

    What is more immoral is getting to stoned to death in islamic country for being a super model.


  12. if boko harrams are claiming to be good muslims then i think niger delta militant are also claiming to be good followers of jesus.

  13. Islam has come to stay and there is nothing anybody can do to keep opposing it,only the non practical muslims like maryam will be moved with your mere threat.

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