Boko Haram Gunmen Attack Adamawa State: 25 Killed In Ganye


boko haram attack adamawa state

March 24, 2013 – Boko Haram Attacks Adamawa State :25 Killed In Ganye By Gunmen

Some suspected Boko Haram gunmen that hit several locations in Ganye, Adamawa state on Saturday killed over 25 people.

According to Adamawa state Commissioner of Police, Mr Mohammed Ibrahim, the death toll of Saturday’s attack in Ganye is 25.

“We have 25 dead from yesterday’s attacks in Ganye, which included a chief prison warder, a policeman and a prominent politician,” said Mohammed Ibrahim.

Police report indicates that the suspected Boko Haram terrorists attacked a prison in Ganye, set free an unspecified number of inmates.

We also learnt they looted a bank and carted away some undisclosed chunk of cash.

They also attacked an open-air drinking bar, a prison official and police said. They used explosives and assault rifles in their assault on the police station, during which they shot dead a policeman, Ibrahim said.

7 people were killed in a drinking bar, 6 people were gunned down near a bank while several others were killed inside their homes and on the streets of Ganye in Adamawa state on Saturday.