Boston Cab Driver Gets $100 Reward For Returning $187,000 Forgotten By Passenger

boston taxi driver gets 100 dollar reward

July 7, 2016 – Boston Taxi Driver Who Returned $187,000 To Passenger Gets $100 Reward

Raymond MacCausland, the 72-year-old Boston cabbie who returned the $187,000 forgotten by a passenger has been rewarded.

Mr MacCausland said the money was returned to the owner after he dropped the box of money at the police station.

Police reunited the honest Cabbie with the passenger and to his shock, he was only given $100.

He admitted to hoping the man would forget the money for the second time because the reward he got is a blow to his honesty.

14 thoughts on “Boston Cab Driver Gets $100 Reward For Returning $187,000 Forgotten By Passenger

  1. What is not yours is not yours so don’t regret your good act. For all we know the money might not have belonged to the passenger personally and $100 was the only tip he could afford to give out.
    Indeed at the current exchange rate, the Naira equivalent of what the taxi driver got is in the region of N30,000 thirty thousand Naira and not that small an amount.

  2. To be honest, I myself was shocked. An honest man is honest not just because of what he may get, but because of the satisfaction and easy conscience it brings about. But when a man does this kind of thing, he unconsciously finds himself having expectations. The only occasion that would forgive this ingratitude on the part of the owner of that money is if the said money does not belong to him, as Big Koks suggests. N30,000 is an insult to N56,100,000.

  3. This is not good what message are they passing on to people.
    He should av been given more, I mean just to encourage others.

  4. This remind me of a story told by one man (Late now) from my Village.
    He was among the railway workers in those days at the Eastern part of Nigeria.
    So when the white man who was in charge were about to pay salary, somehow, the money (some) felt down along the way (probably where the man dropped) while the trail was on the move,so this man eventually picked the money and knew very well it was from the moving train, he decided to run after the train in other to hand it over to the white man as a good gesture.

    Unfortunately, the white man thanked him but told him that he will never be useful his entire life…and honestly,this man remained to be useless until his demise.
    And the lesson here is,sometimes,it can be your own opportunity and try to use it to do good to yourself and others.

  5. My good friend your reward is in heaven not in this world even if you are givig notting.

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