Chelsea Beat Man Utd 4-0 Because My Strategy Failed – Coach Jose Mourinho Laments

chelsea beat man u

Oct 23, 2016 – Manchester United Coach Jose Mourinho Laments 4-0 Loss To Chelsea, Says His Strategy Failed

Man U Coach Mourinho has admitted that his team played badly and the mistake cost them an embarrassing 4-0 loss to Chelsea Football club today.

Eden Hazard, Ngolo Kante, Gary Cahill and Pedro Rodriguez score the goals that humiliated Mourinho at Stamford Bridge today.


Here is what he told reporters at the end match:


11 thoughts on “Chelsea Beat Man Utd 4-0 Because My Strategy Failed – Coach Jose Mourinho Laments

  1. I know mourihno will have somethng to say after he had break another record today by allowed the same thing that happen in 99 (5-0) on the same pitch.
    Nothing new to offer stratedgy has failed

  2. Barcelona for life, i am very sorry for Morhio Failure is following him here and there, but we can conclude right now, but he has to be very careful and win most of the remaining matches

  3. I knew already that after this game , mourinho must definitely blame his players or the officials of the match , instead of him to accept the defeat and of his selection , a kind of his statement all the time.good things never remain the same always , #the good time and glory days of mourinho has already #gone and it can never be same again# . Every body has his or her own time to rise and shine and i quote!!!

  4. The players did not follow their game plan,how do you commit such a howler in few seconds of the game? Was it not the Chelsea team that was effectively castrated by Arsenal few weeks? They(Chelsea)) are going to crumble again in November and December, the funny thing about both Manchester teams this week was that the managers of both teams(Guardiola and Morinho) were baldly battered by their old teams.

  5. I TOLD my Man U friend prior to the match that they were going to lose. Then he doubted me. But now he believes. I rep Arsenal. The gun is smoking, and the cannon ball is hot. Who can stand in the way?

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