Chika Ike Dares A Python

chika ike python

Sept 3rd, 2012 – Chika Ike Dares A Python

Nollywood actress Chika Ike was recently spotted having a photo shoot of a live Python on her neck.

See the look on her face (lol)

31 thoughts on “Chika Ike Dares A Python

  1. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm I no dey, I no wan hear with deep heart of pains we regret to announce the sudden death of our beloved actress chika ike who died after a brief or sudden bite of a python, abeg ooooooooooooooo.

  2. Chia all this Actress , are all going the Winning team on earth , very bad but can’t blame them is due to Poverty, Fame , Money , every body wants to be like the big girl beyounce

  3. Most of dis favorite, famous celebrities dey ar iconicaly evildoers,very demonic dey go xtramind, by al means 2 be famous so who kws may b dats wht dey told her 2 do 4rom spiritual rymes or cult

  4. even thou she carried a python while shootin its notin nd dah wudn’t stop her frm bn who she is…d problm with we naijas is dah we ar jealous nd greedy….we dont kn hw to talk….evryine kns dah she is a super star….so b kai ful on how we talk abt her,,,,is a movie of cus!

  5. Please what we see on movies are not real, its the work of computer life is sweet n no one would love die because of money.

  6. chika is not a fool she knows what they might have done to the phython before she did what she did with it besides the camera man and the other people around her wud not let her play with it if it were dangerous
    people sud stop enjoying commenting negatively on these stars coz they know what they are doing maybe more than u know urz thats why they are where they are now just keep ur beef in da pocket coz it is baseless and i call dat stupidity
    chika ur life is urz so run it

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