Chika Ike Flaunts Designer Shopping Bags At Dubai Hotel

chika ike designer shopping bags

January 10, 2014 – Chika Ike Poses With Designer Shopping Bags At Dubai Hotel

Nollywood actress Chika Ike who is currently on vacation in Dubai recently flaunts her designer shopping bags in her luxurious hotel room in Abu Dhabi.

Though the bags look kind of empty, the actress is stylishly showing fans what she is made of….. Hmmmm this madam is fully loaded o **wink**

12 thoughts on “Chika Ike Flaunts Designer Shopping Bags At Dubai Hotel

  1. @ madam chike I dey roll eyes o. What do u have in those bags. are u taking them home with u or will u do us a favour by disposing them.

  2. Nothing do u babe, don’t mind if u will give me one of the bags, we are waiting for u to come back and flaunt the bags oooo jera

  3. This one is even better Tiwa Savage new mumu husband took a picture in the world most expensive toilet in Dubai and sent the picture online..One day they will reflect back on their life and ask did i took those pictures OMO I DON F**K UP..

  4. why you nigerian like deciving yourself. every Nigerian like to let people how big they are. even they hundre dolars they put that in public. when they’are goin holiday they put in public what kind stupid arrogans this people suffering they don’t even have food to eat. other people goes on public how big they are. i just don’t how come people acting like that

    • @mak..Ghana boy,shut up there.watery soup,dirty ppl.what r u doing on this site then.obviously,this is naija site,not Ghanaian site.bluff.

  5. @Lily. da guy de craze. Who send u mr whatever u call ur sef.dat we always deceive our sef and we were able to dominate d whole africa& d world, u being is an evidence
    Are u crazy?
    What can ghana do if not 2 hide under our Glory and shine
    we gave u every thing dat u hav
    power supply
    even ur so called celebrities we helped u and discovered dem 4 u
    so we dont value dem like ours

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