“Chinese & Lebanese Engineers Are Taking Over Our Jobs” – Nigerian Engineers Lament

Feb 28, 2018 – “Chinese & Lebanese Engineers Are Taking Over Our Jobs” – Nigerian Engineers Lament

The Ibadan branch of the Nigerian Society of Engineers (NSE) has raised an alarm that foreigners are fast taking over their jobs vowing to resist this development with all arsenals at their disposal.

Accusing fingers are being pointed specifically at Chinese, Lebanese and such other foreign nationals who often claim to be expatriates doing the job which many Nigerian engineers have the expertise and skills to do.

Addressing a press conference in Ibadan, Oyo State capital, the Chairman, Nigerian Society of Engineers, Ibadan Branch, Engr. (Prince) Adedamola Falade-Fatila asserted saying “there is no denying the fact that Nigerian engineers, as at today, have not been properly and fully taking their pride of place in nation building and infrastructure development of the country, and this is quite saddening.

“This is not where we should be. Foreigners, notably Chinese, Lebanese, etc. have taken over virtually all these jobs, even the obstinate part of these projects.”

Engr. Falade-Fatila who was recently inducted as the 25th Ibadan branch chairman, while briefing journalists as part of activities heralding the 2018 Engineering Week of the branch, remarked that “the NSE, Ibadan Branch, known as the Premier Branch or the mother of all branches, would take up this challenge and pursue it.”

“The Nigerian Society of Engineers, Ibadan Branch, under my leadership, will pursue vigorously everything it will take for Nigerian engineers to own the engineering profession in the country. We will engage government more meaningfully to possibly enact laws that will empower the engineers more and give back to Nigerian engineers what is rightfully due to them.

It is not the best that can happen to Nigerian engineers for us to sit back in our homes or at the Secretariat, fold our arms while foreigners – Chinese, Lebanese, etc. take over virtually all these jobs, even the obstinate part of these projects. It is so unfortunate. No nation develops meaningfully this way.

“And so it is one of my visions, as Chairman of this Branch at this time, to do everything we can to engage government at all levels to take our rights back. It is my belief that if we do this in Ibadan, someone does same in Osogbo, we replicate it in Yenagoa, Kafanchan, Owerri, etc., before you know it, the fire will go round and thing will improve for the engineers.”


5 thoughts on ““Chinese & Lebanese Engineers Are Taking Over Our Jobs” – Nigerian Engineers Lament

  1. Why bother do u think u have the same skill as the chinese engineers, I dont know about Lebanese but chinese are the best in engineering
    They can’ be compared to Nigerians so people are going for value and not certificate

  2. Something u will never do in their own country.u travel abroad for greener pastures,they treat u a second class .we dont ever have confidence in ourselves. go to school,graduate with good grades ,excel in your career,do youth service no matter where fate will lead u,be dangerous borno or yobe even upgrade in your degrees,u still even up second class citizen in your own country.quite saddening

  3. The worst part is Nigerians will still be the ones doing the real work while those oyibos will only be signing papers and collecting money with their company names…how can we grow?

  4. This is even a dumb retaliation from the so called Nigerian Engineer. All what your dumb ass has to do is prove to your contractor where your work is more superb than your Chinese or Lebanese counterpart. Who would want to give a bridge or high rise building to you when the ones’ you built around Lagos are falling down out of low quality materials and unprofessionalism.

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