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Corruption Reloaded: Dino Melaye Turns Stella Oduah’s Bodyguard, Abandons Legislative Duty

dino melaye stella oduah bodyguard

Nov 5, 2015 – Corruption Reloaded: Dino Melaye Turns Stella Oduah’s Bodyguard, Abandons Legislative Duty

It was just like yesterday when Dino Melaye staged a protest in Abuja demanding the sack of the former Aviation Minister over her multimillion naira Bulletproof vehicle acquisition.

Today, the story has changed, Dino Melaye has personally volunteered to act as Oduah’s bodyguard.

Sahara Reporter’s founder Omoyele Sowore pointed this out few hours ago, see his reasons below

No permanent enemy or friend in politics. #beds of the same feather flock together #barawaoooo



  1. Omokehinde

    November 5, 2015 at 10:22 PM

    One of the many reasons why millions of Nigerian masses are struggling, and living in seroius poverty or hardship is because of the caliber of criminals, worthless, and unpatriotic people we elect or that were forced to govern over the affairs of great Nigerians at all levels of government. These crooks in both “Houses of Looters ” in Abuja have not successful pass any legislation that benefits ordinary and struggling Nigerian masses. Is still a misery how a dumb and stupid people like Dino Melaye got reelected back to the Senate from Kogi state. This heartless man disowned his wife of over 20 years with her beautiful children few months after he was elected has a Senator during Obasanjo First term in office. Ever since then, he had impregnated many in responsible and useless women like him in Nollywood with the help of jumbo pay and many bribes they have been taken and receiving in the sinful and highly corrupt Senate. Nigeria will not see meaningful progress when our people keep voting people of terrible and questionable characters to represents our interests. This man will do anything or even become a slave or bodyguard to a fellow senator in order to see Oduah’s naked body. Any man who can abandon his family because of fame and money will definitely ignores his senate duties to commit adultery. Shame on him!

  2. Onuorah Peter Chukwudi

    November 6, 2015 at 4:02 PM

    Sen. Dino Otunba Melaye has early realized his grievous mistake….. #Adaezechukwu I of Ogbaru Land all the way, forward ever , backward never

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