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Dumb Man Sues Church For Ruining His Chances Of Playing For Manchester United

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Dumb Man Sues Church For Ruining His Chances Of Playing For Manchester United

man suing church for not playing for manchester united Arquimedes Nganga

March 2nd, 2012 – Dumb Man Sues Church For Ruining His Chances Of Playing For Manchester United

A very dumb man by the name of Arquimedes Nganga  is suing his church for ruining his chances of ever playing for Manchester United.

Read the detail gists below

A retired semi-professional footballer who claims his faith ruined his chances of playing for Manchester United is suing the Baptist Church for £10 million.

In a case reminiscent of the 2001 Billy Connolly film The Man Who Sued God, Arquimedes Nganga accused religious leaders of deceiving him “into following false beliefs”.

Mr Nganga, 46, from Forest Hill, said he could have earned £20,000 a week, despite never making more than £200 a month in his home country Portugal’s Third Division. He quit the sport aged 25 when he converted to the Baptist faith.

He said: “I could definitely have had a long career in the Premiership. I see many players playing today who I am not inferior to – and perhaps even better than. Most midfielders are either defensive or attacking but I was both. I had something new.”

After converting in 1989, Mr Nganga spent 19 years as a “fervent evangelist”, devoting his life to the Bible and abstaining from sex. Now he is suing the leaders of the Baptist Union of Great Britain, who, he says, “conspired to defraud me of my finances, time and my life”.

In papers filed in the High Court, he accuses the church of destroying his social life, causing him “psychological harm” and defrauding him of money through compulsory donations.

The writ blames church leaders for physical assaults Mr Nganga suffered at the hands of people he was trying to convert. It states: “They got upset and reacted violently after being told that they were sinners. I was slapped and punched, and kicked in my left knee, breaking its cartilage.”

The church said today that it would vigorously contest the claim. As well as suing the British arm, Mr Nganga has begun a legal battle with the US-based Baptist World Alliance and has written a book, The Millenary Fraud.” (Credit: Evening Standard)

It’s high time people start taking responsibilities for their actions !



  1. Sociopee

    March 3, 2012 at 4:33 AM

    Its just showing that we are in the last days

  2. brent

    March 6, 2012 at 1:49 AM

    Apart from the obvoious here (he doesn’t have a clue), if he was succesful then all he talked to or converted could sue him as well.

    But the obvious is Christ is a choice. I dearly hope he’s putting the last of his own money into this lawsuit. he’ll lose the case before it gets heard unless lawyers see a way to prolong it so they can earn more before it’s finally thrown out of court.

    Thank God, this guy no longer calls himself a Christian. What comes out of the heart is the true measure of a man. He was like this long before he made a mental decision to quit.

  3. leroi

    March 6, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    It s so sad to hear this,he should be the happiest man to hear the Gospel at a very early age than to play in these human leagues,What would profit a man to gain the world and lose his soul. On the other hand ,he was an adult,no one pushed him to go to church,he must stop to be such a cry baby like a little girl. He was adult,be adult,u have forsaken the church? Go back u little girl!

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