Fame Intoxication: Usain Bolt Invites 6 Ladies Into Hotel Room In London, Girlfriend Vex On Twitter

usain bolt 6 women into hotel room

August 28, 2016 – Fame Intoxication: Usain Bolt Invites 6 Women Into His Hotel Room In London, Girlfriend Vex On Twitter, Tweets About Self Control

World’s fastest man, Usain Bolt has put his Jamaican girlfriend under pressure after he allegedly invited six women into his hotel room in London earlier this week.

He was also spotted with a mystery blonde on several occasions before he invited another set of women into his hotel room.

It seems his Jamaican girlfriend Kasi Bennett has had enough of his serial-womanising habit.

Kasi Bennett

She took to her Twitter page few days ago to tweet some messages about self control and when a fan wished she had such control, Miss Bennet replied: “Not easy”

Hope Miss Bennett is not in Usain Bolt’s life for his money because no amount of money should be a substitute for self control and dignity in a man.

14 thoughts on “Fame Intoxication: Usain Bolt Invites 6 Ladies Into Hotel Room In London, Girlfriend Vex On Twitter

  1. miss bennett this one u r exposing ur breast like dis? r u on a breast feeding mission?like”if u want u come and suck”…and if they r producing breast-beg(bra) bcus of this lady mehn they will not sale even one,bcus this lady dont knw where they r seling bra talkless of having one.

  2. Enjoy yourself my nigga……just be careful because of what happened to Adam and all the great men that has fallen.

  3. have said it before this guy never reach im destination… look at the rags those girls are putting on i pray our fashionista ladies don’t see this.. but wait oo why is that girl covering her face (bra top)..
    #clueless human

  4. he joined illuminati this year, what do you expect from somebody that has given his soul to the devil? is enjoyment enjoyment enjoyment because soon is going to be fire fire fire in hell.

  5. Invitation to six ladies at the same time? Well, that is no crime it itself. The question is the purpose of the invitation. If there was a party in the offing, the invitation was in order since he cannot party by himself. The huge success he recorded at the Olympics is still very recent and it is natural that well wishers troop in to celebrate with him.
    Moreover, even if he does not formally invite the girls. Star trippers will find ways of gate crashing once they know he will be at any given location.

  6. I believe that when you are poor, you will chase women, but when you are rich women will start chasing you.

    Whatever happens in life,

    I take a stroll…

  7. Sorry babe , He was born that , to run around including the dick. Move on than spreading your emotions on social media for all to see. Oh yeah ! I can see his class of girls & it spells DANGER ! WALK girl .

  8. It is what sweet someone bele dey kill them, thread softly. Life has no duplicate. A word is enough for d wise.

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