Fayose Begins Presidential Campaign With “Meet Your President 2019” Motto

fayose 2019 campaign poster

September 14, 2017 – Fayose Begins Presidential Campaign With “Meet Your President 2019” Motto As He Owes Ekiti Civil Servants Backlog Of Salaries

Ekiti man of the people, Fayose has started his journey to Aso Rock.

The highly controversial governor took to Twitter today to share his official campaign poster for his 2019 ambition of un-sitting  Buhari.

Fayose, a regular critique of Buhari’s administration had previously declared that he will become the next President of Nigeria come 2019.

The governor who owes Ekiti public servants a backlog of salaries is contesting under the People’s Democratic Party (PDP).

The man wey no gree pay state workers salaries wan contest for the national office. Make we dey watch…

10 thoughts on “Fayose Begins Presidential Campaign With “Meet Your President 2019” Motto

  1. Man of the people indeed…..yeyenotu. This man has no conscience or purpose. How do people vote on empty stomachs? At least, President Buhari paid backlog of salaries stolen from the treasury by those bastards handing over power, within a few weeks of becoming President. I have a recent video clip of this ole barau Fayose spraying money on Sunny Ade at one of his parties. I strongly believe there’s a curse on the black race, else, how do our leaders walk the streets,watch the news and see the suffering of fellow citizens and don’t even care? Don’t be surprised if people vote for him when he starts distributing rice and money close to the elections…… only in Nigeria.

  2. It sounds so annoying that with the current situation in Nigeria, this guy as an opportunist has nothing to contribute in helping to revive our economy order than trying to use the current poor health situation of Buhari for warming up for the upcoming 2019 presidential election. Fayose thinks he can manipulate the whole Nigeria to nominate him for next presidential seat, he got it wrong and he must be out of his right mind. Anybody can nurse an ambition but your ambition for presidency is dead before you even made it known.

    Instead of displaying his stupidity, can’t him come out with solutions or contribution that can help the people of Nigeria especially in trying to get out of this present recession. He should have focused more about effecting the law that will change the life of average Nigerian for better. These are what the voters are looking for before deciding who will be their next leader. Fayose, this is not about politics of distributing Rice and Ankara, in fact people need to see what you can offer them not like coming out like a moron because you realize that by the time you distribute your rice people will vote for you.

    You cannot replicate what you did in Ekiti to determine Federal Presidential seat. It is so sad that some Nigerians are still gullible even if they are going to vote Buhari out, that position is not meant for misfit like you. You cannot even perform up to one third of what Buhari has done so far. Buhari could have done better but because of plunging in oil revenue and mismanagement of federal fund by your party, it is more difficult for Buhari to fulfill all his campaign promise.

  3. Did he have an adviser @ all, just wnt to waste Ekiti’s money, instead of him to pay the civil servant salary, (FAYOSE ARE YOU NORMAL)

  4. No one can speak God’s mind,politics of this days reflect unbelievably, let individual starts trying there luck


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