Hausa Man Bathes In Muddy Gutter To Celebrate Buhari Victory

hausa man bathes muddy gutter buhari victory

Hausa Man Bathes In Muddy Gutter For 10 Minutes To Celebrate Buhari Victory

A Bauchi resident has finally fulfilled his bizarre promise to Buhari.

According to online report, the young man pictured above vowed to bathe in gutter if Buhari win his re-election bid.

True to his words, he took to the streets of Bauchi yesterday where he plunged into a muddy gutter for some minutes and came out displaying Buhari’s signature 4 4 hand sign.

This photo has since gone viral.

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10 thoughts on “Hausa Man Bathes In Muddy Gutter To Celebrate Buhari Victory

  1. Good for you. your suffer has just began, next you will be in the pitg bowl may be eat with the dogs

    You will forever suffer

  2. Wait a min… I don‘t get it.
    Apart from the few supporters who MAY get one temporal appointment or some chicken contracts like that, what really is this buhari ass-licker here celebrating?
    See Next Level of stuidity.
    Hummm… So sick! I spat.

    I take a stroll….

  3. That’s part of their culture,so it’s not a surprise……and where is even the clean water to take bathe? acting as if he has an option..

  4. All in the name of next level? OgaAde, hope you will be paid for this show of stupidity you displayed? If not then you simply MAD!

  5. He should have used it to cook and drink. Classic example of a fool. One need not consult the dictionary to look up the meaning of lunacy, here it is.

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