Igbo Born Mama Boko Haram: I Converted To Islam Because My Muslim Husband Is Kind


mama boko haram converted to islam

December 26, 2017 – Igbo Born Mama Boko Haram: I Converted To Islam Because My Husband Is A Kind Muslim Man

In a chat with Pulse NG, Igbo born Christian woman Ogechi who changed her name to Aisha Wakil after she converted to Islam revealed why she left Christianity.

Confirming her conversion in an exclusive chat with Pulse NG in her base in Madiguru Borno state, Barrister Aisha Wakil said she became a Muslim due to the behaviour of her husband who she described as a very kind man.

mama boko haram husbandMama Boko Haram husband

Her words:

“What attracted me to embrace Islam is what attracts a fly to perch on a particular place. That is the behavior – my husband. He is a very wonderful man and so I had to follow him and abide by whatever he wants”.

“The belief in the South is that wherever you marry is your home and a woman does not have a religion until she settles somewhere. So, if your husband is a pagan, Muslim or Christian, you have to join him.

“The most important thing is that you are going there to be a good ambassador who will represent your family and the women folk”.

Her Christian family is based in Abia state. Read more about Mama Boko Haram’s husband and family here.