Jim Carrey Sued By Ex-Girlfriend Mother For Giving Her 3 STDs Before Suicide


jim carrey gave girlfriend stds

Oct 11, 2016 – Jim Carrey Sued As Late Girlfriend Cathriona White’s Mother Claims She Committed Suicide Because He Infected Her 3 STDs

Actor Sued By Brigid Sweetman For Allegedly Infecting Daughter With 3 STDs & Forcing Her To Commit Suicide By Prescription Drug Overdose

A year after comic actor Jim Carrey’s girlfriend Cathriona White took her own life, her mother, Brigid Sweetman has sued the actor.

brigid sweetman

The grieving mother told TMZ sources that Cathriona committed suicide last year when she realised her boyfriend had infected her with three different sexually transmitted diseases.

She reportedly confronted him about the STDs case before he broke up with her.

The lawsuit stated that Mr Carrey disgraced Cathriona by calling her a whore before hiring fixers to scare her into silence.

Cathriona White reportedly struggled with depression before overdosing on Jim Carrey’s prescription drug.

The actor is yet to speak up on the allegations.