Ladies, How Often Do You Iron Your Weaves?

ladies ironing weaves

Sept 6, 2013 – Ladies, How Often Do You Iron Your Weaves?

This should enter 1000 ways to die record book. Ladies abeg make u no try this at home o.

Dangerous things women do part 1….

12 thoughts on “Ladies, How Often Do You Iron Your Weaves?

  1. I hardly do this.
    A professional hair dresser will never attempt this, if ur weave is real human hair, the iron will destroy it so its of no use to me.
    Some women still do sha.

  2. i witness candle light during their hair weaving..ladies that take all manner of risks just to look good.if u like build filling station near their salon

  3. Many ladies do this, i am a witness to that……..most especially those who dont have straightners or do not want to spend more at d salon.

  4. iron bar, you are the one patronizing them that is why they are doing it if not how could conclude that all girls instead of saying some girls.

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