Lady Gaga Wears Black T-shirt Calling Donald Trump A Racist


lady gaga black tshirt donald trump racist

Feb 16, 2017 – Lady Gaga Wears Black T-shirt Calling Donald Trump A Racist

See the controversial statement black T-shirt Lady Gaga wore today.

15 thoughts on “Lady Gaga Wears Black T-shirt Calling Donald Trump A Racist

  1. Lady Gaga is a big fool that needs to yeild to the calls and amend recent error with her demonic liberal based that were very upset with her for not cursing President Trump out at the recently concluded Super Bowl. It is now obvious that the liberal in America with majority of those Hollywood gang are the most intolerant, most racist, and hypocrites of the highest order. Why? Ever since that Lesbian babies killer lost to president Trump, the Democratic party and their liberal celebrities coupled with some bitter politicians with the help of American powerful media have been raining degerading insult on president Trump who clearly won 32 states of the 52 states in America. There is no terrible names that I haven’t heard them called a duly elected president of the most powerful nation in the world. Some have called him Aduf Hitler, white supremacist, racist, mentally unstable, stupid ,dumb, buggot, bully and all kinds of wicked names on CNN, New York times, and other well recognised media outlets in America. Just imagine if anyone called Obama any of these senseless names? That person would be forced to apologize and get fired from whatever position he or she holds. Infact, they will quickly label or called that person a racist that doesn’t deserve a second chance for insulting American first black president. President Trump will govern America for eight years, and America will rise and shine like never before. Very disgraceful!

    • Guess u v become American over night. Why u carry d matter for head like dis??? Na wa ooo!!! All d name callings and all, not needed . Take it easy o.

    • Wake up ! It’s freedom of speech and her right as an American. We have a racist fool in our White House. He is a racist PIG that that WILL be impeached.

    • If you think one has to be a liberal to despise a Trump candidacy and his subsequent election, you’ve not been paying attention. No presidential candidate in American history has been so reviled and scorned BY HIS OWN PARTY has Donald Trump. All across the spectrum of the American political right, he is dismissed as an embarassment for the party and, as such, for the nation.

      Reasonable observers from across the entire american political spectrum see him for what he has been his entire adult life, and what he will never be.

      He will never be presidential.

  2. You are so right Lady Gaga. He is not my president. We will get him out as soon as we have embarrassed him enough.

  3. What positive impact has this lady made to humanity and why will people listen to whatever she represent?

    The truth is Mr. Trump ignored you people when campaigning and i am sure he will do so as he is now president of America.

    President Trump, my appeal is,please,deport all the Nigeria politicians,both serving and retired,confiscate all their investment there and have mercy for the hustlers who are there for greener pasture.

  4. I love this woman. However, this T Shirt is a disgrace. The reason I say this is I am so sick of people calling those who do not think the same way they do a “RACIST”. I do not believe that the President is a Racist, and if you think that everyone that voted for him is, then you are misinformed.

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