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The Letter That Forced Buhari To Release Shiites Leader Sheik El-Zakzaky

letter buhari doctors

The Letter That Forced Buhari To Release Shiites Leader Sheik El-Zakzaky

186 doctors from Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq have written a letter to President Muhammadu Buhari pointing to Sheikh El-Zakzaky’s physical conditions and asking the Nigerian government to transfer him to a well-equipped hospital as soon as possible.

The letter was published today by Fars News, an Iranian news agency. The report did not indicate what date the letter was written by the doctors or whether it was written after a Kaduna High Court last week approved a leave for El-Zakzaky and his wife Zeenat, to seek medicare in India.

The Department of State Services said after it was served with the court order that it would comply with it. Zakzaky has been in detention since December 2015, following a clash between his Shiite adherents and the Nigerian military.

About 300 Shiite members including three of El-Zakzaky’s children were killed. Many were buried in a mass grave.

Fars New quoted one of the signatories to the letter, Dr. Pourrahim Najafabadi, as saying that Zakzaky needs to be cured by an experienced medical team of physicians in a specialized multi-specialty hospital outside Nigeria.

“With the current physical condition of the Sheikh, especially the virulent lead poisoning, Sheikh’s life is seriously at risk by delayed treatment.

“Meanwhile, there is a need for special medical care even in case of complete medical treatment. There is serious risk to Sheikh’s life if he is kept under detention,” said Najafabadi, the founder and spokesperson of a group of expert physicians who have volunteered to treat Sheikh Zakzaky.

Here is the full text of the letter:

“In the name of God, The healer

From the community of Doctors

To the President of the Republic of Nigeria, Mr. Buhari.

In the past several months, the world has constantly received troubling news regarding the health of one of the prominent figures in Nigeria, Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky. Both Skaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky and his wife are kept in prison and the health status of both of them is very alarming.

We have chosen to be doctors even after knowing that this job is very difficult and troublesome, but we chose to save people’s lives and preferred the health of the society over our personal interests.

According to the medical reports regarding the health status of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky:

1. He is suffering from a total blindness in the left eye, and is also suffering from vision problems in the right eye including glaucoma and progressive macular atrophy. According to the diagnosis of the visiting physicians, Shaikh Zakzaky will lose his vision sooner or later if the current circumstances do not change.

2. He has shown symptoms of Ischemic heart disease which can lead to Myocardial Infraction.

3. He is also suffering from severe cervical spondylosis which has resulted to nerve root compression and symptoms are progressive causing insomnia.

4. The experiments show that he has heavy metal toxicity including Lead and Cadmium. Laboratory tests that are performed on May 31st, 2019 show that blood lead level is 171.94µg/dl. Later on June 18th, 2019 this level was reported to be 231.48µg while in the last laboratory test the blood lead level was three times more than the toxicity level (grade 5 of poisoning).

Based on the points highlighted above, Shaikh Ibrahim Zakzaky should be transferred to a well- equipped medical center that has Neuro-ophthalmologist, glaucoma specialist and low vision expert, cardiologist, orthopedist and neurologist. Also he may need to have a surgery to reduce intraocular pressure.

We, doctors of different nationalities cannot take the health of any human for granted. This is something that is inherent in our obligation as doctors. Ignoring the critical health status of Sheikh Ibrahim Zakzaky can end up in irreparable consequences.

We request the government and parliament of Nigeria to immediately transfer him to a well-equipped hospital to prevent any unfortunate incidents.

A group of doctors from Pakistan, India, Iran, Afghanistan, Syria, Lebanon and Iraq

Dr Abbas alahmad, Pediatrician, Syria

Dr Abd alkrim Hariri, Neurosurgeon, Syria

Dr Abd almonaam hsanato, Radiologist, Syria

Dr Abdo salami, Dentist, Syria

Dr Addel maheiri, Maxillofacial Specialist, Syria

Dr Ahmad alrahal, Otorhinolaryngologist, Syria

Dr Ahmaad alzien, Thoracic Internist, Syria

Dr Ahmad nasrullah, Dentist, Syria

Dr Ajmal Farooq, General practitioner, India

Dr Alla Aldrin Hassan, Neurosurgeon, Syria

Dr Allaa allnassan, General Surgeon

Dr Amar kiali, Ophtalmologist, Syria

Dr Anas hellali, General Surgeon, Syria

Dr Asma Khalid, General practitioner, Pakistan

Dr Bakri dablloni, Orthopedic Surgeon, Syria

Dr Bassel alshaher, Dentist, Syria

Dr Bsam kedeh, Gastroenterologist, Syria

Dr Fadi alaar, Vascular Surgeon, Syria

Dr Farhat, General practitioner, Pakistan

Dr Fizza Batool Zaidi, General practitioner, Pakistan

Dr Furqan Ali khan, General practitioner, Pakistan

Dr Hania Batool Zaidi, General practitioner, Pakistan

Dr Hassam Saleem, General practitioner, Pakistan

Dr Hassan alkhatib, Vascular Surgeon, Syria

Dr Hassan Khalil, Internist, Syria

Dr Houda abdalhadi, Internist, Syria

Dr Ibrahim hadid, Urologist, Syria

Dr Idrak Hussain Bhat, General practitioner, India

Dr Iftikar Hussain, General practitioner, India

Dr Kashaf Zehra Durrani, General practitioner, Pakistan

Dr Mamdoh zitoni, Orthopedic Surgeon, Syria

Dr Manaaf sharbjii, Orthopedic Surgeon, Syria

Dr Mhmmod Nasser, Gastroenterologist, Syria

Dr Mirza Arsalan, General practitioner, India

D.Mohamad mohiedin, Pediatrician, Syria

Dr Mohanad battal, Pediatric Surgeon, Syria

Dr mohanad naasan, General Surgeon, Syria

Dr Mohanad zanoube, Ophtalmologist, Syria

Dr Mohd Yaseen Mir, General practitioner, India

Dr Motaz alhmod, General Surgeon, Syria

Dr Muhammad Ajmal Hussain, General practitioner, Pakistan

Dr Muhammad Ali Kazmi, General practitioner, Pakistan

Dr Muhammad ali raseed, General practitioner, Pakistan

Dr Muhammad Amjad Hussain, General practitioner, Pakistan

Dr Muhammad Baqir, 4 year resident internal medicine, Pakistan

Dr Mouhamad batikh, General Surgeon, Syria

Dr Muhammad Farhan, General practitioner, Pakistan

Dr Myllad zahlloq, Vascular Surgeon, Syria

Dr Ossama attar, General Surgeon, Syria

Dr Owais Raza General practioner (MBBS), Pakistan

Dr Owais Siddique, General practitioner, India

Dr Raja Munawa, General practitioner, India

Dr Saman Fatima, General practitioner, Pakistan



  1. Gabriel Adebowale

    August 11, 2019 at 10:32 PM

    This innocent man is more useful than Buhari.

  2. Mon

    August 12, 2019 at 1:54 AM

    Nigeria is a crime against humanity and this administration is evil. He was released because of his members’ constant demand and mostly because of a warning from Iran, the man is having a dual citizen.
    This evil administration who keep on lobbying here and there with the country wealth just to be in power without any clear vision or agenda were not able to lobby Iran in other to eliminate this man, they know the consequences.

  3. Stanley Jones

    August 12, 2019 at 8:51 PM

    It’s sickening how a single man would be bigger than a country, indeed a shithole.


    August 12, 2019 at 9:41 PM

    All members of Shittes medical professionals from middle East are reacting towards his prolong detention.

    My question is, if almost all countries in middle East have Shittes within there domain peacefully existing, then why would FG tagged Nigeria Shittes terrorist group?

    Do they want to kick off endless war that they FG, can’t contain?

    I need urgent answer now!!!

  5. Nik

    August 13, 2019 at 12:43 AM

    But my question is, what is the political interests of these middle easterners in the man in detention? Checking through list of doctors, majority came from countries riddled with rebels and war. Do we take religion over our national interest and safety? In what ways has religion developed Nigeria if any? Do away with religion, destroy corrupt practices and let everyone be held responsible for their actions and inactionsand see the country develop! The FG should have released the man and prosecute him if necessary and could have averted the number of people that died during the riots. Strange those doctors did not see the millions dying in Syria.

  6. Fifelomo

    August 13, 2019 at 6:48 AM

    My question is why detain him for so long?

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