“Linda Ikeji Why Don’t U Have A Husband, Are U A Witch?” – Tonto Dikeh Retweet

linda ikeji husband witch

June 10, 2013 – “Linda Ikeji Why Don’t U Have A Husband, Are U A Witch?” – Retweet By Tonto Dikeh

This crazy tweet has been circulating Twitter since it started on June 8, 2013 from a Twitter user with handle Ajayphem.

The above tweet was re-tweeted by Nollywood actress Tonto Dikeh and other notable figures yesterday after the popular blogger refused to wish her a happy birthday.

The whole witch thing started with a beef Nollywood actor Jim Iyke had with Linda Ikeji last year over a false publication.

In the Twitter war of words, Jim Iyke called Linda, a hermaphrodite witch… read more here

Well said Tonto Dikeh but are you married yourself?

May be she be winch winch too **wink**

Personal opinion: Life will become a better place for all of us if we can just stop these unnecessary name-calling.

Live and let others live.

16 thoughts on ““Linda Ikeji Why Don’t U Have A Husband, Are U A Witch?” – Tonto Dikeh Retweet

  1. Me I don’t like this thing dat Toto Dike draw on her back this is not Godly? Is a insult to the part of woman hood? God ve marcy oooooo!

    • It’s like you don’t know the difference between Tonto and Linda. You better ask a doctor for an eye gl**s.

  2. Na why for all this Actress oh na foolishness they carry them they go like this so? Dikeh my luv why nOw?

  3. The public has Supported you guys so much with the little they get to promote you,but someone like tomtom go about spending money to draw what is not relevant in her back and even show to the public to discourage or pollute some of the fans(or you will tell us again you did it for your boy friend)may God help us

  4. has my own view she’s a celebrity so anyfin she liks, she can draw on back… Even if she draws on her main part it’s less anybody consciences k… So stop putting abussive words on her…….. But rem, d kingdom of GOD is at sake. GOD dey see u oooo @ tonto dike.

  5. Tonto i loved u both u fall my hand for no reason but i can still love u if only u go on ur knees and ask God for forgiveness (mumu thts wht u re)cus people dey patronise una,na im make una dey crase

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