Mario Balotelli’s Girlfriend Dumped Him Over Real Madrid Champions League Sex Bet

mario balotelli girlfriend dumped him

May 3rd, 2013 – Mario Balotelli’s Girlfriend Dumped Him Over Real Madrid Champions League Sex Bet

‘If Real Madrid come back in Champions League, I’ll let my girlfriend sleep with them!’

Controversial Italian striker Mario Balotelli was quoted to have said the above as a bet for Real Madrid’s champions league victory.

Mario Balotelli allegedly made the remark about his new girlfriend of close to 7 months, Fanny Neguesha.

Mario who said if Real Madrid’s guys win the Champions League, he’ll allow them to sleep with his girlfriend free of charge.

Though he denied ever saying it, but the deed has been done as his Belgian girlfriend has dumped him for good.

In March, Mario said Fanny is the first woman he will ever feel comfortable with.

“I could spend my whole life with someone like this” said Mario

Borussia Dortmund FC defeats Real Madrid team with 2-0.

Double loss for Mario

He lost his girlfriend Fanny while Borussia Dortmund beats Real Madrim team.

Mario Balotelli must be really heartbroken over this scandal.

Chai! the man suffer ….the next time you’re lucky to get another Fanny, you’ll watch your mouth.

11 thoughts on “Mario Balotelli’s Girlfriend Dumped Him Over Real Madrid Champions League Sex Bet

  1. Hw stupid are u mario! Cnt u watch wat u say in public? Or are u dat sick 2 d extend of voicin anyword dat cums 4rm u? Dat serve u rite cos if am d 1 u wil definitely get it hot 4rm me bt al d same d deed has bin done so i wil advice dat if u truly luv her go back on ur knees and ask her 2 4give u.

  2. Beg fire ba? If na u,u go eva use ur galfrnd do betin? May thunda harmer am there. Women don turn 2sex machine abi? Idiot

  3. If u talk too much by the time u il make mistake u dont know. mario. chill. there are thausand better dan dat one on stand by. but am sure u av learnt ur lesson. if u talk any how again, u c any how

  4. Wat was she thnkn wen she acceptd a weirdo n naughty guy lik Mario 4 a bf ?
    Any lady getting down wit Mario shld b ready 4 worst utterances n behaviour dan dat.
    It takes a lion (not a goat), 2 befrnd a lion lik Mario.Decent n responsible gals shld stay far away 4rm Balotelli 4 their own good.Am not suprised at him !

  5. make una leave matter,we knw wetin dey……… if u no understand dis boy then make u just chill,d thing wen d guy do b say na d only way to drive d girl,he go don dey eye anoda,so watch out 4 anoda prety girl….. na balo we dey talk so,hahahahahaha…….

  6. The first day I heard the comment, I new the Lady will definately dump Mario, how stupid for a guy who loves his girl make such comment. This should be a warning to Mario if only she forgives him and please learn how to talk in public

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