Boko Haram, FG Hold Secret Peace Talks In Senegal


boko haram peace talks senegal

Dec 2nd, 2012 – Nigerian Federal Government Holds Secret Peace Talks With Boko Haram In Senegal

According to reports coming from reliable sources, we learnt the Nigerian Federal Government and Boko Haram Jihadist sect held a secret peace talk in the country of Senegal over 2 weeks ago.

The meeting aimed at eradicating terrorism and incessant attacks in Nigeria was mediated by top Government officials from Senegal and Mali.

The peace talks, dialogue that took place was led by Godsday Orubebe, the current Minister of Niger Delta Affairs with top Boko Haram leaders.

According to a government source, we learnt the Boko Haram commanders who represented the sect insisted they’ll not stop attacking until all their terms and conditions for ceasefire were met.

Few weeks ago, Boko Haram demanded the following in order to cease fire in the country:

  • Immediate release of their detained members and their family members
  • Compensation for damages to their demolished properties
  • The rebuilding of their demolished mosques in Borno State and other area in the country

Do you support this secret peace talk?