Obasanjo Endorses Buhari’s Meeting With Kanu, Says He Wishes To Meet Him & Talk Sense Into Him

obasanjo meet kanu

Saturday September 16, 2017 – Obasanjo Endorses Buhari’s Meeting With Kanu, Says He Wishes To Meet IPOB’s Leader & Talk Sense Into Him

Obasanjo has endorsed the possible meeting between Buhari and IPOB boss Kanu.

The former president revealed this in an interview with Newsweek magazine in response to a question on the agitation for Biafra that has become violent with the military called in to quell the situation.

“I don’t see anything wrong in that [Buhari meeting with Kanu]. I would not object to that; if anything, I would encourage it,.

“I would want to meet Kanu myself and talk to people like him, people of his age, [and ask:] ‘What are your worries?’ Not only from the southeast but from all parts of Nigeria.”

“Those who fought in the war in Biafra will not want to fight any other war.“I have fought one war too many in Nigeria; I don’t want to see another.”

20 thoughts on “Obasanjo Endorses Buhari’s Meeting With Kanu, Says He Wishes To Meet Him & Talk Sense Into Him

  1. President Olusegun Obasanjo is always getting things wrong whenever its come to issues of national security, our unity and the way forward for Nigeria and the people. Baba Obasanjo was president of our nation for eight years, what are his achievements in those eight years than bribing people and legislators in other to cling to power for 3rd term tenure? Baba was so greedy and selfish, he was blinded by power in his quest to remain Nigerian president for additional 4 years after 8 years by trying to manipulate and change the military drafted constitution to suit his purpose. That ill and terrible advise from frm. President Obasanjo to PMB to sit down with arrogant Kanu was the dumbest advise from the pioneer of corruption in Nigeria. PMB should never descend that low by having one-on-one meeting with Kanu Nnamdi. However, he should have serious and real meetings,dialogues, and negotiations with all the sitting and former governors of the Southeast states, religious leaders, traditional leaders, Igbo business leaders and elders of the Igbo communities on the way forward in the Southeast region for peace and prosperity of the region. IPOB should be labelled a terrorist organization and Igbo youths should be warned to stay clear from the organization that encourages mass murder of innocent Igbo people. Both parties involved in such negotiation should represent their people’s interest, security of the region, job opportunities, restructuring and the unity of entity called Nigeria. President Obasanjo is free as an elder statesman to have sincere dialogue and meeting with Kanu but PMB should never listen to such dumb idea. Setting up such stupid and nasty meeting with Kanu will further embolden that arrogant man, and relegate those true Igbo leaders. That will amount to the worse miscalculation in Nigerian history. Talking to ordinary Igbo man and woman on the street is far more sensible, useful, and more honorable than sitting with Mr. Kanu Nnamdi.

    • Can you please tell us what are the things that constitute a terrorist organisation? Its obvious PMB is surrounded with bad advisers like you. This is why he has blindly choosing a very reckless and temeratious approach rather the part of dialogue and of diplomacy.
      Obasanjo in fact is correct ten thousand times. Dialogue with the head of IPOB is the right way forward if anger and the feelings of dissatisfaction by youths from the southeast is to be permanently settled and be forgotten once and for all. IPOB as a movement controls many igbo youths who in turn staunchly backed the cause of agitation championed by Nnamdi Kanu unlike the stupid ,irresponsible and corrupt southeast governors you mentioned. Buhari will soon create another monster, this time from the southeast that will forcefully torn the country apart should he failed to address the common cause of the agitation among igbo youths.

      • @Hmmmmmmmm, you are no different from your coward brother Kanu, who is been calling for war with his uncontrolled tongue, when a glance of war sudden shown up at his village and doorstep, the fool is no where to be found. Kanu Nnamdi is very dumb, unintelligent and insultive like you, no wonder nobody cares about his hate speeches and tribalism at its peak. Haters of other tribes and people that are not Igbo like you and Kanu should never represent even animals in the zoo where he now live. Kanu is a smart criminal and crook who has done nothing good and meaningful to advance the social and economic activities of the Southeast region rather than brought his people untimely death, sow confusion and division among the Igbos and recently brought pain and suffering to innocent Igbo people in Umuahia, Abia state. After such destruction he has brought upon your people and the hatred of Igbo people he had succeeded in sowing in the minds of other tribes and minorities, the foolish among you people still think he is your saviour. No surprise, even after Col. Ojukwu wasted about 3 millions precious Igbo lives during the Biafran war, some Igbo to date still referred to him as their hero. Why calling a loser an hero? I just don’t understand that logic. A lot of you including Kanu were not born during the last Biafran war, however, it will be nice for you guys to watch little clips of the war on Utube may be you can learn from it. Only a mighty fool and ignorant person like Kanu calls for war without expressing one. You war mongers that are residing in Europe, u.s, Asia and other parts of the world are nothing but big fools. Why? You are no different from you newly found hero Kanu. Kanu’s wife and children are living safely in U.K while that foolish coward was calling for war that would have destroy the entire state within one hour if things goes wrong. In the end, Kanu has been kept on house arrest while innocent children, mothers, and fathers that are not part and parcel of his IPOB tribalist and hate group died untimely. Keep insulting and blaming others tribes and people for your issues and problems. Only among the Igbo can a moron and a security guard in U.K like Kanu Nnamdi will sudden become tribal hero.

    • Will be so fantastic if you could make your way to Abuja the federal capital and start fixing this nasty corrupt country called Nigeria with all these long grammars and TOO MUCH KNOWLEDGE YOU CLAIMED YOU HAVE, instead of sitting there yelling OBASANJO OBASANJO the whole time. I hate when someone always sounds as if he or she is simple next GOD almighty. Go get a life what ever the fuck your name is called period.

  2. meeting after destructions and incarcerations..obj and snake deals..u introduced sharia and sold bakassi people to cameroon.u massacred odi and zaki biam.eight yrs of embezzlement&waste not forgetting yr third term agenda that threw u out..go and drink kunu with gowon..na una spoil the nation

  3. THE TRUTH IS that I don’t see PMB deigning to sit in any meeting with Kanu, even if that “condescension” is the only way to save bloodshed and keep Nigeria together. I see mutual hatred blazing between Kanu and PMB.

    BUT ABOUT THAT MEETING BEING a dumb idea, I beg to differ. What good will it do if the meeting holds between PMB and the south-east governors instead? Nothing! Meetings with governors and other high-calibre individuals is commonplace in Nigeria, yet those meetings take us nowhere. We keep drifting far from the sun instead.

    IF APC AND PMB ARE serious with their change mantra, then a meeting with commoners is ideal, to see if that would have any positive effect. He who feels it knows it all. Our governors do not feel it. So what do they know? These governors are themselves partly the reason why this Biafra agitation is on, governors who are politically and selfishly skewed in every matter; whose burning gluttony can never be satiated; who have perpetually placed greed ahead of that ceremonious oat they swear every May 29th after the general election. Those governors cannot represent the poor masses who feel the stinging brunt of Nigeria’s backwardness. Where Kanu made a grave mistake was his hate speech against other tribes of Nigeria. He should have directed those vitriolic outbursts squarely on the entire south-east political leaders. They have killed us!

  4. Taking advice from obasanjo is like taking money from a magician. This senceless man and his people and britain helped fulani terrorists fought the first war but this time around ………….
    buhari and his people refused restructuring which everybody beleived it will help nigeria develop and you obasanjo never tell your slave masters to retructure nigeria, who are you to talk to biafrans a coward like you?

    You may be afraid of hausa fulani, and they know it’ we are not, We are access the python dance and soon we will dance it together, hope they will not run like thry are running for boko haram.

  5. I don sing song for the great African men
    I don sing song for the great African men
    Na Osageyfo Kwame Nkruma be the great one
    I don sing song for the great African men
    I don sing song against African thieves
    I don sing song against African thieves
    Na Obasanjo be the biggest thieve…..by Fela Kuti(RIP)

  6. Buhari is travelling for medical checkup and people are being killedvby his hausa fulani terrorist? I DECLARE BUHARI WILL COME BACK IN COFFEN, DURING HIS CHECKUP IN THE HOSPITAL THE DEATH ANGEL WILL VISIT HIM AND STRIKE HIM DEAD AND SEND HIM TO HELL WHERE MUHAMMED IS.

  7. I will wish that before you go to “talk senses into him , you will first discuss with your fellow “General God” on redressing the EXTREMELY PROVOKING anomalies that brought about his MOVEMENT.

  8. Its definitely a trap. Obasanjo is like d proverbial man who calls a thief to come and steal and then calls d farm owner to catch him. He likes to create an impression that he is d only one with the solution to Nigeria,s problem when indeed he is one of d problem. Meeting wt kaanu my foot. A man that never benifitted his fellow yoruba men has worse than nothn 4d Igbos. So Uncle Sege, kindly feed the birds in ur farm wt d feed u denied the nation. Thank u sir.

  9. Corrupt OBJ and a tribalism stay with your advise, you must still answer on how you and your team stole Nigeria wealth. More so your daughter very soon will be in court to answer for our energy money stolen.
    Sorry Nigerians don’t need your advise sir.

  10. Omokehinde always wins my heart by his good and sensible comments.. Most of this Igbo’s youths calling for biafran nation lives and makes their living in other part of the country..Kanu is a coward for hiding when war has not even started.One thing am sure abt is that Kanu and his family willl always find their way out leaving the innocent Igbo’s to suffer if problem arise

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