Photo: Boko Haram Terrorist Kills Parents & Siblings In Yobe After They Threatened To Report Him

boko haram member kills parents yobe

May 19, 2016 – Picture: Boko Haram Member Wipes Out His Entire Family In Potiskum Yobe After They Threatened To Report Him To The Military


The suspected drug addict who killed his parents and siblings in Potiskum, Yobe State has been arrested.

A source close to the family of the victims said 28-year-old Adamu Mai Bisco is a Boko Haram member who lost his temper after his parents threatened to report him to the military.

The suspect reportedly wiped out his entire family using a shovel around 1am on Monday morning while they were fast asleep.

11 thoughts on “Photo: Boko Haram Terrorist Kills Parents & Siblings In Yobe After They Threatened To Report Him

  1. Sometimes I find myself wishing that the Nigerian constitution would be ammended to include torture before exercution. Sending this kind of person straight to hell without a prior massaging would be very unfair to his numerous victims.

  2. Metu, you are now thinking on same line with me. I think the other day I suggested such a measure on a particular terrorist like that but you were asking me whether my mother was from Afghanistan?

    As far as am concern, all terrorist dont deserve being sent to a straight death just like that cos they tortured most if not all their victims before killing them and they deserves to die as such.

    Shooting or hanging them is too honourable a death for any terrorist. That‘s my take.

    I take a stroll…

  3. I wish same way he killed every member of his family is the same way he will be killed. Rip to the dead.

  4. The worse part of it is that the Governors are jittery in approving their hanging even when the supreme upheld their death penalty. It has been on record that over 18years non of the governors had given approval to death penalty except Governor Oshomole. This is never the intendment of our criminal justice law and administration.

  5. See him face dis boko people be lik say them no de see food chap very ugly. As for me, all parts of his useless body should be cut one after d other, after dat pour acid on d cut parts after dat dan put him inside a very big pot fill wit hot groundnut oil dat is on d fire dan before he can be set free. Ebonyi my State, Nigeria my Country, dia is God o

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