Photos: 700 Indian Brides Given Bats To Beat Up Abusive Husbands In Bizarre Wedding Ritual

indian brides bats beat husband

May 3rd, 2017 – Photos: 700 Indian Brides Given Wooden Planks, Mogri To Beat Up Drunk & Abusive Husbands In Bizarre Wedding Ritual

An Indian Rural Development Minister, Gopal Bhargava, gave bats to nearly 700 brides during a mass marriage ceremony solemnised on Monday in his home town Garhakota in Sagar district.

He said the gift was to help the women ward off drunk and abusive husbands.

The wooden bat or mogri as the implement which is supposed to be used for washing is called, even bears the caption ‘sharabiyon ke sutara hetu bhent, police nahi bolegi’ meaning “gift for beating drunkards, police will not intervene”.

“Whenever I visit any rural or urban area in my constituency, women complain about their husband’s drinking habit. They inform me that whatever little they earn is snatched away by their husband for alcohol. They (women) are also subjected to physical violence,” Bhargava told Indian Express.

“The idea of gifting mogri struck me when a woman asked me whether she should get her husband to stop drinking by beating him with this wooden plank,” the minister said.

[Times Of India]

3 thoughts on “Photos: 700 Indian Brides Given Bats To Beat Up Abusive Husbands In Bizarre Wedding Ritual

  1. EXACTLY MY [email protected] THOSE BATS WILL end up in the hands of the men instead. I still wonder how India maintains this culture of women being the ones that propose for marriage when their women are not the stronger sex.

  2. NA UNA SABIif dem like hand them cutlass to slash their spouses..just stop the harrassment of foreign students in ur country especially naija origin..

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