Photos: Eze Okafor, Nigerian Man Who Used Boko Haram To Seek Refugee Status In Iceland Deported


eze okafor nigerian boko haram victim

June 20, 2016 – Pictures: Eze Okafor, Nigerian Man Who Used Boko Haram To Seek Asylum Status In Iceland Deported To Sweden, Awaits Deportation To Nigeria

Al Jazeera has aired the sad story of a Nigerian man identified as Eze Okafor who was deported from Iceland after his asylum case was rejected.

Eze Okafor who claimed Boko Haram killed his mother and brother is now awaiting deportation to Nigeria from Sweden.

32-year-old Okafor got to Iceland in 2011 and claimed that Boko Haram terrorists are after his life.

He first sought Asylum status in Sweden, he told his story and even showed fresh and infected wounds including the gash over his eye caused by retaliatory attack by Boko Haram because he refused to join them.

Eze said his younger brother and mother were killed by the dreaded Islamic sect yet Sweden rejected his application.

eze okafor boko haram victim

He later made his way into Iceland and narrated the same story and was denied.

He applied for permission to stay on Humanitarian ground and was given temporary stay.

In May 2016, his case was reviewed and later rejected.

Eze was deported back to Sweden where he is now awaiting deportation to Nigeria.

Hear what Eze told Swedish Immigration Authority today as he awaits deportation:

“What I am facing in Nigeria is that this Islamic group is after my life. My life is in danger.”
“Boko Haram has a network. They have been looking for me since then.”

He said he believes that when he lands at the airport in Nigeria he fears he will be apprehended by the sect.

Eze Okafor’s main fear is that Boko Haram will kidnap him once he lands in Lagos.

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