Photos: The Fattest Child In The World Arya Permana Now Weighs 192Kgs At Age 10


fattest child in the world

June 29, 2016 – Pictures: The Fattest Boy In The World, Arya Permana Now Weighs 192 Kgs At Age 10

Meet 10-year-old Indonesia-based Arya Permana.

Indonesia doctors are now afraid that the obese child may die if not put on a crash diet.

West Java-based Arya Permana eats five meals every day because he is always hungry.

His mother, Rokayah said he has dropped out of school because he is unable to walk

Arya currently weighs 192 Kg.

world's fattest child weight

His daily routine: Eat, play games and swim. Check out his photos

Arya Permana