Pictures: Charms Found In Boko Haram Underground Arm Storage Facility In Balmo

boko haram underground weapon storage

July 11, 2014 – Photos: Boko Haram Underground Weapon Armory Uncovered By Troops In Balmo Forest

Pictures: Charms Found In Boko Haram Underground Weapon Storage Facility In Balmo Forest

Nigerian army today claimed they have uncovered an underground arm storage facility during a take-over raid on Boko Haram camp inside Balmo forest in Borno state.

The military also confirmed the arrest of a suspect.

Other items recovered from the armory included charms, foodstuff, military uniforms.

This was made known on Twitter today by Reuben Abati.

See photos from the operation below;

8 thoughts on “Pictures: Charms Found In Boko Haram Underground Arm Storage Facility In Balmo

  1. Inside the nigerian army lies their sponsors let dem continue to fool themselves
    Tell me how did Boko Haram got a hold of all these weapon can their family afford a toy gun?

  2. This goes to all muppet so-called Christians commenters who criticises Islam at every Boko News.

    This News said Charms, not Qurans!!!

  3. And this is for you, do not blame anybody who criticise Islam because the aims and objective of Boko Haram is to turn everyone to muslem or die,in the first place so why won’t they.

  4. Al Queada read nd preach koran, YES! So do shekaU .. Zip ya thumbs nd Quit wallowing in darkness..

  5. the problem we have Boko harm in Amry ,Politicals and in Govt,that reason not easy to win this war,hope the name the names ot people helping them and kill them,then Boko will be over,but Mr Badluck cant do that cos he need re-election in 2015.hands up for our good Amry amoung them that do this good job,God protect your life.

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