President Obama’s Daughter Malia Caught Smoking Marijuana Weed, Chris Brown Comes To Her Defense

malia obama smoking pot

August 11, 2016 – President Obama’s Daughter Malia Obama Caught Smoking Marijuana Weed/Pot, Chris Brown Comes To Her Defense

Singer Chris Brown has come after those slamming Obama’s daughter after she was caught smoking weed at lollapalooza.

malia obama smoking weed

Though Obama is yet to officially address this damaging story of his daughter, however Chris Brown said there is no big deal in smoking weed.

See his comment below

Watch the viral video of Malia smoking pot below

Show me your friends, I will tell you who you are… Evil communications they say corrupt good manners.

Obama has a lot of work to do on Malia before she goes out of hand.

15 thoughts on “President Obama’s Daughter Malia Caught Smoking Marijuana Weed, Chris Brown Comes To Her Defense

  1. Wetin are they say? Wetin have she do? Is not something weyris bad. Even Obama is following in the smoke.

  2. SUCH A beauty! See how bad friendship is about to deform her. I hope she has not gone far in the habbit already. Not all people are like Bench that can withstand even 30 wraps of igbo at a go. That is why the guy is ***** at all. Igbo has blocked his brain with titititititititi, like where the second-hand of a clock suddenly started moving fast.

    PLEASE Obama do something to save your daughter before she ends up like Mr Bench ooooooooo!

  3. You cant take weed from Americans. It is part of them, part of their daily bread just like “419” is part of Nigerians. ehehehehe :) :)

  4. Hahahah @METU you too dey funny ooo. I never knew you do also take note of @BENCH comments each time he made it. He talks a lot about IGBO,IGBO ! Ah ah @BENCH! are you a smoker?. You be fella brother? Ok make I work that obama babe for you? Small,small with this your IGBO ooo.

    American society is really,really corrupt. It was stated last year that there adult movie industry sold out there sex video and made a mind blowing annual cash of $9 billion dollars! By far the highest sales of sex movie ever recorded in the world! According to the BBC. So what do we expect from such country. Many,many good people are there,but the scale of moral decadence is enormous. And of course that same spirit operate everywhere,we can only pray to God to spear us and our families of this moral break down we now see in this last days everywhere we go.

  5. leave bad friends out of this if you want to be bad you will be… anyone who does not want to be bad will not move with bad friends… she has been caught doing things more bad than this (Google it).

  6. I wish someone else had come out to say somethg regarding Melia, not chris brown for christ sake, bad rep.
    Anyway hope dis habit of hers is stopped before it gets out of hand.

  7. Bench is smoking IG or Twitter? always funny i owe you 1 uncut weed. so your madness can continue. lwkmd.

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