Republicans Ask Obama To Resign Over Beyonce’s Lip-Synch Scandal

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Jan 26, 2013 – Republicans Ask Obama To Resign Over Beyonce’s Lip-Synch Scandal

A rising chorus of congressional Republicans are calling on President Obama to acknowledge that the pop singer Beyoncé lip-synched during his inaugural festivities on Monday and resign from office, effective immediately.

“By lip-synching the national anthem, Beyoncé has cast a dark cloud over the President’s second term,” said Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky). “The only way President Obama can remove that cloud is by resigning from office at once.”

While many in the media have blamed Beyoncé for the lip-synching controversy, Mr. Paul said, “We must remember that this happened on President Obama’s watch.”

Mr. Paul said that the White House’s refusal to comment on the Beyoncé crisis “only serves the argument that this President has something to hide.”

“If Beyoncé lip-synched the national anthem, how do we know President Obama didn’t lip-sync his oath of office?” he said. “If that’s the case, he’s not legally President. But just to be on the safe side, he should resign anyway.”

Mr. Paul also blasted Secretary of State Hillary Clinton for her testimony on Benghazi before the Senate today: “Her tactic of answering each and every question we asked her didn’t fool anyone.”

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11 thoughts on “Republicans Ask Obama To Resign Over Beyonce’s Lip-Synch Scandal

  1. I tink d Republicans should hold sway and focus on the way forward, itr too early to start a baseless controversy.

  2. Let dis people go 2 slip & let dis man b,is it his fault dat d world LOVES him obama carry go joor…

  3. Beyonce lip-sychc wud bring Dark cloud? Haha so funi nd baseless! Americans r dy most hypocritical pple on earth….now dat fool is goin spiritual? If it were an african dat said dat, am sure dy wil be dy 1st 2 brand him an uncivilized person! Lol dark cloud indeed

  4. Mr Paul I thought that you have common sense, but you are not someone to talk about. How on earth do you think that His Excellency Barack Obama should resign because of Beyonce’s lip-sychc. I know you think that you’re Mr perfect. For your information Obama will complete his tenor and nothing can move him as God is on his side. Drink over your failure to win the election and go to bed

  5. What they failed to achieve at d polls,is wt they believe they could achieve thru blackmail.Its mere cry over spilt milk.Obama carry go !!

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